LIA Releases a New Publication – Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding

The Laser Institute of America is proud to announce the availability of a new publication, Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding, to its online store. This publication, written by an international team of contributors and edited by Professor Flemming Ove Olson from the Technical University of Denmark, is a must-have reference for anyone using this advantageous welding technology. Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding

Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding is a comprehensive review of hybrid laser-arc welding technology and its applications, as well as a summary of recent research involving the hybrid welding process. Benefits of this technology include deep penetration welds, high processing speeds, good weld quality and low heat input, leading to low distortion. Hybrid laser-arc welding can be applied to automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and heavy industry.

This publication introduces itself by reviewing fundamentals and characteristics of the hybrid laser-arc welding process, including chapters on the properties of joints produced by the process and methods of assessing weld quality. It later goes on to discuss the applications of the technology, including shipbuilding and industrial robotic applications, as well as hybrid laser-arc welding as it is used in the processing of magnesium alloys, aluminum and steel.

Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding (hardcover, 323 pages) is available for $245 ($225 for LIA Members) through LIA’s online store at or by calling the LIA office at 1.800.34.LASER.