LIA Executive Director Peter Baker Reviews Member Milton Chang’s Book – Toward Entrepreneurship

Toward Entrepreneurship – Establishing a Successful Technology Business

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Milton Chang since 1985 when we both served on the Laser Institute of America Board, Milton as President, me as Treasurer. Milton was President of Newport then and since we were both in Southern California, we would meet occasionally for lunch. Even then, his modesty and humility were apparent. When I asked him about Caltech, where he earned his Ph.D., his main comment was that he learned there were a lot of smart people there.

Since then I followed his career through various startups, New Focus and Incubic. I migrated to my current position as Executive Director of LIA and Milton, in 1989, received LIA’s highest honor, the Arthur L. Schawlow award and subsequently was a keynote speaker at our annual meeting.

Now Milton has distilled his wisdom and experience into a new book Toward Entrepreneurship and I am pleased to recommend it as essential reading for anyone considering establishing a high tech business or growing an existing one.

He covers every step from starting the company, acquiring financing, building an organization that works, growing it and then making an exit. In every chapter there is practical, tested advice and the text features highlighted areas covering business plans, funding sources, incorporating Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and hiring. These sections alone are worth the price of the book.

Throughout the book, Milton Chang’s values shine through. He emphasizes the need to work hard, be upright, never stop learning and improving ourselves. He correctly points out that business is based on trust and relationships, so ethical behavior is essential; in short, follow the Golden Rule.

Toward Entrepreneurship is concise, realistic and valuable. I am pleased to recommend it.


By: Peter Baker, LIA Executive Director

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