Senator Bill Nelson Endorses LIA’s Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME)

ORLANDO, FL, September 16, 2011 — In a letter of support U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D) Florida thanks the Laser Institute of America “for taking the lead in providing the education, practical examples and connection to world class laser and system manufacturers which LME provides.” He said “it is clear that increasing the use of lasers for manufacturing can immediately and practically help to improve U.S. competitiveness, increase innovation and create well paid jobs, all of which are important priorities for our nation” and states that “industrial lasers are making such a positive impact on Aerospace, Automobile, Medical and other areas of manufacturing.”

LIA’s Lasers for Manufacturing Event will be held in Schaumburg, IL on September 27th and 28th.

The Event provides basic training on lasers and systems, courses on laser processes including welding and laser additive manufacturing, videos on laser processing and examples of parts made by lasers.

“This will be a focused, optimized Event for current and potential laser users in the manufacturing community,” said LIA’s Executive Director Peter Baker. “No longer will manufacturing technologists seeking laser knowledge and technology have to comb through a large, traditional machining show searching for laser manufacturing! At LME, 100% of the exhibitors will be laser and system manufacturers, 100% of the attendees will be manufacturing people who want to use and learn to use lasers and 100% of the educational content is customized to the needs of those attendees. LME will provide an optimum interaction between users and suppliers in a compact, focused Event.”

“LME will be the show for laser applications,” said LIA’s Marketing Director Jim Naugle. “If you want to learn what a laser can do, how much it costs, how to justify the purchase, this is the go-to source. We want the novice user and the experienced user to learn the practical applications made possible by lasers.” LIA’s intention is that the new Event “satisfies a need for exhibitors to have a laser application/manufacturing exhibit for lasers and related equipment only,” Naugle said. “And, it satisfies a need for attendees to learn how to make money with lasers.”

LIA believes that this event will provide the optimum atmosphere designed to enhance attendees’ interaction with laser manufacturing experts.

To learn more about LME, visit or call 1.800.34Laser.

One show, one voice, one mission — understanding laser technology. Don’t be left out!

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