Lasers may take the sting out of going to the doctors

Many people avoid flu shots every year simply because they hate needles, children fear going to the doctor because they are afraid they are going to get a shot, and some people for-go basic health maintenance just to avoid a possible shot. If you are one of the many people  who have a fear of needles you may just be in luck because scientists at the Seoul National University in South Korea may have developed a process using lasers that may just replace needles…


Some people hate them, some people fear them, and the rest of us probably don’t enjoy them that much.

But needle injections could finally become medical history, after scientists found a way to use lasers to take the ‘ouch!’ out of a medicine jab.

The process, developed at Seoul National University in South Korea, could revolutionise how we receive annual flu shots, childhood immunisations, and other treatments that involve piercing the skin with a needle.

The laser-based system blasts microscopic jets of drugs directly into the skin, and the creators say it is as gentle and painless as ‘being hit with a puff of air’.

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