AMPM2014 Offered as Part of 3 Dynamic Powder Metallurgy Conferences in Orlando

“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” Walt Disney

How appropriate. Over the years, the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) and APMI International sponsored conferences and exhibits have become the largest and most prestigious conferences in the powder metallurgy (PM) industry. This year, MPIF and APMI welcome the global PM industry in Orlando’s Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, May 18-22. Disney’s focus was to build a home for Mickey Mouse and his other magical creations, while MPIF‘s focus is to promote advanced manufacturing methods that have high-material utilization rates; relatively low-energy consumption; and utilize recycled materials where possible. In many cases, no other manufacturing method is practical to produce these components.

The inaugural Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy Conference (AMPM2014) will showcase Additive Manufacturing (AM) as a process of making three-dimensional solid objects by adding successive layers of material rather than by removing material, as is common in conventional methods such as cutting or drilling. Focused solely on metal part technology, over 45 presentations from global industry experts from 10 countries make this a truly international collaboration of the latest industry developments. Presentations will include the perspective of metal powder producers; toll providers and end user of these processes; R&D programs from academia and consortiums; and equipment manufacturers. Topics include materials, processes, technical advances & barriers, and applications.

The PM2014 World Congress, held once every six years in North America, is the world’s largest and most prestigious PM event. Rotating between Asia, Europe, and North America, PM2014 will attract the world’s leading industry-technical minds promoting PM technology advancements from over 40 countries. Over 1,500 delegates will transfer knowledge as they attend technical sessions, Special Interest Programs, and view the international poster display. The 175 booth international marketplace exhibition will showcase leading suppliers of powder metallurgy and particulate materials processing equipment, powders, and products – one stop shopping for all. Special events include a Keynote Presentation by Bob Lutz, former vice chairman, General Motors Corporation and author of Car Guys vs. Bean Counters and Icons and Idiots; the Design Excellence Awards Luncheon featuring recipients of the 2014 awards; regional reviews of the PM industry in North America, Europe and Asia; and the Gala Closing Dinner: Celebrating a World of Color through the Arts.

The 9th Tungsten, Refractory and Hardmaterials Conference is a triennial conference organized by MPIF, in cooperation with the Refractory Metals Association. Refractory metals (W, Mo, Re, Ta, Nb, Os, Ir, Hf), their alloys, and composites (including hardmaterials and cermets), are a unique family of materials. This conference will address recent developments in the refractory and hardmaterials field and will encompass refractory and hardmaterial processing, microstructure, properties, and applications. Over 80 presentations will be offered in 27 technical sessions. The international influence will ensure the highest quality of technical communication and transfer from the worldwide tungsten, refractory, & hardmaterials community.

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