AM Research Expert Tim Biermann to Present Keynote Address at LME 2014


ORLANDO, FL, Sept. 4, 2014 — Additive manufacturing expert Tim Biermann will provide a keynote address on laser AM and 3D printing in the Laser Technology Showcase Theater on the exhibit floor of the fourth annual Lasers for Manufacturing Event® (LME®) on Sept. 24 in Schaumburg, IL.

Biermann, who works in the field of business development for LAM and integrated production at Fraunhofer ILT/ RWTH Aachen-University LLT, has also previously addressed attendees of LIA’s annual Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM®) Workshop.

With more functioning parts being produced with AM in the automotive and aerospace industries — not to mention the customized dental and medical implants that are becoming staples in health care — AM-specific powders and improved CAD are essential to this revolutionary arena.

Whether it be through a powder-bed or a powder-fed process, additive manufacturing now allows parts to be designed for optimum strength and weight using previously unrealizable shapes.

Biermann’s keynote address will highlight how LMD and SLM currently work, the latest advancements in the AM industry, and the potential it has for future developments. He will also cover some of the dos and don’ts of AM as well as ROI for the company – even at the smaller job shop level.

Biermann’s keynote address will be one of four at LME 2014, along with basic courses on types of lasers, laser manufacturing systems and how to use them profitably, and laser safety. The conference will also feature tutorials on design for welding and an overview of laser additive manufacturing systems.

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