Haas Laser Technologies Inc. – November’s Featured Corporate Member

Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. serves the industrial laser market by designing and manufacturing both custom laser beam delivery components and laser beam diagnostic equipment for all facets of industrial laser applications. Its innovative team offers a wide array of modular delivery components for all laser wavelengths. Determined to provide solutions for the market’s specific needs, the company produces custom laser systems and custom machining. In addition, the laser beam delivery components produced by the company perform a number of laser process applications – from laser cutting and laser welding, to laser marking and laser surface treatment. With their groundbreaking products and one of the largest selections of laser beam delivery components across the globe, Haas Laser Technologies is continuously hailed as an innovator and technology leader.

Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. began its work in Flanders, NJ in 1992 when its namesake and CEO Gilbert Haas founded the company with the goal to produce quality products that would not only prove reliable and innovative, but define industry standards as well. It began with the development of a proven, modular concept line and, in its early days, provided Chrysler with a custom laser beam delivery system for the scribing and drilling of the car company’s automotive connecting rods. From there, Haas Laser Technologies’ success has continued, offering modular beam delivery components that provide custom solutions utilizing standard components. Twenty-three years after its establishment, the company has grown into a vertically integrated operation, encompassing a seasoned engineering staff, an advanced manufacturing group, and a complete state-of-the-art machine shop, all of which spans two locations: Weston, FL and, its original home, Flanders, NJ.

Since its inception, Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. has continuously proven itself as an integral force in the field, offering products for the industry’s changing needs. The company did this most recently when faced with the demand for thermal lensing of optical components for high power laser applications. Haas Laser Technologies answered with its patented TLC optics, which mitigate thermal lensing.

Pioneers in the field, Haas Laser Technologies is always searching for ways to improve upon technology. The company’s latest revolutionary endeavor came with its creation of the first laser beam diagnostic equipment to measure laser beam quality (M2) in real-time: the Beam Waist Analyzer Camera (BWA-CAM) and Beam Analyzer Camera (BA-CAM).

The Beam Waist Analyzer Camera (BWA-CAM) also measures thermal lensing of high power optical components instantly and features several applications to provide all users with a seamless experience. The BWA-CAM benefits laser manufacturers by giving them the ability to measure and document laser performance and allowing them to confirm the laser and entire optical system performance during the system’s acceptance and installation. The modular component can also be utilized by end users and field service engineers. With the product, end users can monitor the laser system performance instantaneously during the process, while field service engineers can ensure that the laser is operating within specifications. The Beam Analyzer Camera (BA-CAM) also offers users efficient results with its ability to instantaneously measure and analyze both CW and pulsed lasers. In addition, it measures and monitors several components of the laser beam, including diameter, centroid, ellipticity, orientation, spatial profile and more.

As a company dedicated to offering their customers the best products possible, Haas Laser Technologies is always developing customer-driven projects in its R&D lab. Its team prides themselves on their continuous work to create new product offerings and new options available alongside their current product line. As a result of continuous product developments and a dedicated team, Haas Laser Technologies has stayed true to Mr. Haas’ original vision of defining the industry’s standards in industrial laser applications.

Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. joined Laser Institute of America in 2008 and their CEO, Gilbert Haas, serves as an active member of the LIA Board of Directors.

To learn more, please visit www.haaslti.com.