American Laser Enterprises, LLC – January’s Featured Corporate Member

ALELLCAmerican Laser Enterprises, LLC (ALE) is an integral force in today’s laser industry, providing optoelectronic engineering, intuitive design and manufacturing services for laser beam delivery components and systems for CO2, Nd: YAG, Fiber, Solid State, Diode and Disc laser sources. In addition to an inventory of laser spare parts – including lenses, mirrors, nozzles, tips and insulators, sensor cables and wires, sensor bodies and the company’s full line of laser process heads – American Laser Enterprises consists of a veteran engineering staff, encompassing over 120 years of experience in the industry. Respected for their success in designing, manufacturing and installing a variety of first-time laser processes for new material applications for machine tool builders or integrators, ALE’s engineers have been involved in a number of laser system development activities for both manufacturing and military use.

American Laser Enterprises arrived on the market in 2007, after American Laser Spares – originally founded in 1996 – purchased the assets of American Laser Enterprises, Inc. The melding of the two companies resulted in the creation of a new destination for customers, where they can not only have beam delivery consumables and spare parts serviced, but also purchase both off-the-shelf and custom-designed beam delivery systems. Located in Wixom, MI, CEO Susan Sprentall oversees the employees that make up the company’s two departments: Aftermarket Spare Parts and Optics.

Over the years, ALE’s numerous contributions to the laser industry have proven revolutionary and have established the company as a vital presence in the field. The company developed the first Automated Laser Alignment System (ALAS), which aligns multiple CO2 beam delivery components in the span of a few minutes. This system – which ALE can use remotely – eliminates days of downtime that can ultimately prove costly for customers. American Laser Enterprises continued improving equipment with the creation of the first mini-series laser process heads for fiber laser systems to cut, weld or clad. After this development, the company created the ALE combo head, which gives customers the ability to use their laser for a variety of applications, simply by alternating the nozzle assembly in order to cut, weld or surface treat. Additionally, ALE’s engineers developed a height sensor – the ArmorDillo™ Sensor Cable line – and aftermarket quick replacement nozzle assemblies for various OEM products.

Today, the laser industry relies on American Laser Enterprises for its full line of aftermarket spare parts and optics, ArmorDillo™ Sensor Cable line, repair and on-site training services and a selection of over 40 ALE laser processing heads – available with or without height sensing. The company’s services have extended to the U.S. Government, where ALE has proven integral to laser ablation coating removal development activities. As a result of this work, ALE will create a new company – SurClean, Inc. – which will commercialize ALE’s original laser process control technology and announce a complete product offering later in 2016.

While American Laser Enterprises continues to grow and adapt to the changing laser industry, it remains dedicated to its niche business: providing product development design services and application solutions for systems integrators, machine tool builders and end users. This dedication is reflected in ALE’s response to the increased presence of fiber lasers in the market. The increase – which has allowed small and medium-sized job shops the flexibility to include laser processing – has increased the market’s need for new beam delivery components and education for end users. While machine tool builders offer off-the-shelf products to meet these needs, numerous applications require custom tools that are specifically tailored to customers’ needs. “This is where ALE excels,” said CEO, Susan Sprentall. “We are small, we listen, we focus on the customer and deliver an intuitive, cost-effective solution.”

ALE’s predecessor – American Laser Spares – joined LIA in 1996, and both companies have been involved with the organization in the years since. LIA is an integral resource for American Laser Enterprises and the work the company does. From the Laser Safety Program – which ALE regularly refers its customers to – and the ANSI standards, to the up-to-date information on advanced research and development activities across the globe and LIA’s numerous conferences, American Laser Enterprises values the opportunity LIA offers industry professionals to network with, and learn from, one another.

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