Electro-Optics Technology – April’s Featured Corporate Member

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An industry leader, Electro-Optics Technology is recognized for its innovative solutions to optical feedback, beam delivery and pulse detection. Committed to providing customers with a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, the company continuously supplies the global laser industry with enabling components and diagnostic equipment to meet the needs of manufacturers and users of high power laser systems. With a focus on OEM and custom applications, Electro-Optics Technology’s expert staff of engineers and technicians work closely with customers through all phases of the production process. The company’s ability to meet critical customer specifications – ensured by its facilities, equipment and quality systems – keep Electro-Optics Technology at the top of its field.

In 1987, owner and CEO Dave Scerbak founded Electro-Optics Technology in Silicon Valley, before moving the company to its current home in Traverse City, MI, in 1992. Here, Electro-Optics Technology’s 90 employees span six departments: Sales & Marketing, Production, Custom Solutions, Engineering, Quality and Shipping/Logistics. The company’s Custom Solutions department – responsible for the design and manufacturing of custom products – guarantees that customers’ needs are met beyond the company’s standard product offerings, while the Quality department remains committed to not only meeting customer requirements, but increasing customer satisfaction by continuously improving the company’s products, services and the quality management system. As an ISO-9001:2008-certified company, Electro-Optics Technology established a Quality Management System that meets the International Quality System Standard.

Electro-Optics Technology Faraday Rotators & Isolators
Electro-Optics Technology Faraday Rotators & Isolators

In addition to the company’s custom products, Electro-Optics Technology offers product lines that have met customer demand over its 29-year history. Since the company’s inception, Electro-Optics Technology has produced Faraday rotators, which are available in a variety of lines. These rotators maintain the light’s linear polarization while rotating the plane of polarized light 45 degrees in the forward direction and an additional 45 degrees of non-reciprocal rotation in the reverse direction.

Today, Electro-Optics Technology also produces optical isolators and fiber collimators for use with laser diodes, fiber lasers and solid-state lasers, including an emphasis on high average power and peak power applications. The company’s optical isolators provide high transmission in the forward direction while decreasing light traveling in the reverse direction, which effectively protects laser oscillators from the harmful effects of back reflections. Using its patented monolithic mode stripping fiber ferrule/collimator technology, the company’s fiber collimators minimize optical loss while maintaining excellent beam quality and a high level of resistance to back reflections. Because of this combination, Electro-Optics Technology’s collimators provide a perfect solution for numerous beam delivery applications.

In addition to these products – which remain popular among the company’s OEM customers – Electro-Optics Technology offers a complete line of high speed photodetectors. These are used in monitoring the output of pulsed, mode-locked and externally modulated continuous wave (CW) lasers. The company will soon add to this line with the introduction of its 40GHz Photodetector.

To provide customers with products that meet their constantly-evolving needs, Electro-Optics Technology remains vigilant to changes in the industry. Over the last 5 years, the company has taken note of the steady increase seen in the fiber laser industry, specifically in the China market. As a result, Electro-Optics developed its 50W Fiber Laser Isolators for these applications. The company has also seen a significant growth in lasers used for medical and cosmetic applications, such as tattoo removal. To answer this growing need, Electro-Optics Technology has increasingly focused on and promoted its Tornos Series rotators and isolators, which serve well in those applications.

A member of Laser Institute of America (LIA) since 2013, Electro-Optics Technology enjoys taking part in the organization’s tradeshow, ICALEO®. In addition to LIA’s resources, Electro-Optics appreciates the marketing opportunities LIA offers in order to further increase company visibility within the industry.

For more information, visit www.eotech.com.