Lincoln Laser Company – May’s Featured Corporate Member

Lincoln Laser LogoLincoln Laser Company, a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of laser beam delivery and steering systems, is continuously recognized for its dedication to expertise and excellence. Developing smart and precise laser beam delivery systems, the company’s team of engineers, integrators and manufacturing experts work with customers throughout the entire process – from design and prototypes to production – in order to ensure customers’ needs are met. With an ISO 9001:2008 certification, Lincoln Laser Company provides customers with the highest quality products that repeatedly exceed their expectations. Renowned for its polygon mirrors, motors and scan heads, Lincoln Laser Company’s wide range of products are utilized in industries around the globe, including the food inspection, biotech and semi-conductor industries.

Founded in 1972 by David Lincoln, heir to the Lincoln Electric Family, Lincoln Laser Company is now owned by the GSI Group. In Phoenix, AZ, the company – consisting of nearly 70 employees who span five departments – has spent over 40 years as the preferred ISO-certified supplier for leading companies in the laser industry.

Since its inception, Lincoln Laser Company has been known for its polygon mirrors and motors, which remains its most popular product line. However, the company has expanded this original line, not only offering a full line of standard, custom and semi-custom polygon mirrors and motors, but also offering assemblies and full-featured high-speed Polygon scan heads, used for high-speed reading, writing, scanning, ablating, cutting and more. These scan heads, which provide a faster reading than their galvo counterparts, produce a line scan with a fixed scan angle, as well as full X-Y capability. With 40 years of experience in the manufacture and production of these polygonal scan heads, Lincoln Laser Company’s staff of engineers can utilize their extensive knowledge to create custom designs for customers with varying needs. From medical imaging and laser marking to film inspection and large scale metrology, the systems designed by Lincoln Laser Company’s expert engineers serve customers in a variety of applications throughout numerous industries.

As a force in the laser industry in particular, Lincoln Laser Company repeatedly answers the call for new technology as the industry grows and expands. Over the last five years, Lincoln Laser Company has noticed the industry’s call for high-speed scanning to be used with high-speed Pulse on Demand (POD) lasers. To answer this demand, the company continues to produce its high-speed polygon scan heads, which fulfill numerous user applications within the laser industry. In addition, Lincoln Laser Company has been working on the production of a line of high-speed polygon scan heads for high-speed Pulse on Demand (POD) Nano-, Femto- and Picosecond lasers. This work carries on Lincoln Laser Company’s tradition of providing its customers with the best products available to meet a wide range of laser application needs.

A member of Laser Institute of America (LIA) since 1974, Lincoln Laser Company enjoys taking part in the organization’s events, which further help the company remain an active member of the laser technology community.

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