New Laser Based Treatment for Burn Victims

Lasers are used in a significant number of cosmetic procedures. Usually used to remove unwanted features like hair or skin imperfections, a Miami-based dermatologists is taking the process a step further by using lasers to treat victims of severe burns.

Dr. Jill Wabel crossed paths with Kim Phuc, a woman who suffered full-body burns, as a result of coming in contact with napalm as a child, during the Vietnam War. Moved by her story, Wabel treated Phuc’s burns, using multiple laser treatments to restore her skin. By creating smaller, controlled burns on the body with a laser, the skin surrounding the new burn is healed, often healing the already damaged skin around it. Within six or seven treatments, the skin has restored itself, concealing the severe burn scars.

The procedure is not covered by most insurance providers, and like other cosmetic procedures, can become quite pricey. But for Wabel’s patients, the procedure has given them a second chance for a normal life. For more on Dr. Wabel and the life-changing procedure, check out the original story by clicking here.