Weekly Wrap Up (May 9, 2016)


This week we profiled Deborah Jin and the Fermionic Condensate. Dr. Deborah Jin is an American physicist and was among the first to study the Bose-Einstein condensate. Dr. Jin and team created the first fermionic condensate, a new form of matter. Unlike a Bose-Einstein condensate, a fermionic condensate contains fermions over bosons. This characterizes a fermionic condensate as a superfluid, a much more difficult state to obtain than that found in a Bose-Einstein condensate. Learn more by clicking here.
Speaking of Bose-Einstein condensate, we reflected on the birth of the Bose-Einstein condensate, back in 1995. First theorized by Albert Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose nearly a century ago, the Bose-Einstein condensate is a state of matter most commonly used for research in theoretical physics applications, such as atomtronics. See how this discovery from two decades ago is impacting the field today, and how lasers are involved by clicking here.
Could lasers be the key to treating Alzheimer’s Disease? Research has found that through a process known as “photobiomodulation,” or low level light therapy, that lasers may be able to reduce some of the symptoms characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease. In the trials, light was absorbed by the body, and helped to enhance healing of the brain. Check out the study for yourself by clicking here.

Lasers continue to prove to be an invaluable resource in the medical world. We shared a story about a Miami dermatologist using lasers as a tool to help heal burn scars. The process works by creating a small burn over the larger burns forcing the skin to heal itself. The procedure, already performed on a number of patients, has proven to be effective in allowing victims of severe burns to return to a normal life. Read more about the efforts by clicking here.

Interested in laser safety training, but have a hard time getting away from the office? Be sure to check out our Introduction to our Online Laser Safety Training Coursework. Learn more about the courses offered through Laser Institute of America, as well as the resources provided to you as part of our online courses. The post can be found by clicking here.

Before signing up for your online course, be sure to download our E-book Tackling Laser Safety In the Classroom. The book discusses the benefits of online coursework, changing ANSI standards, and commentary from current laser safety officers. The E-book is available for download by clicking here.

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