June’s Featured Corporate Member – AdValue Photonics, Inc.


As the leading manufacturer of 2 µm fiber lasers for the scientific, materials processing and medical markets, AdValue Photonics, Inc. develops and manufactures high quality, innovative and cost-effective fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, fiber-based broadband light sources and other components. Recognized for continuously offering groundbreaking products, AdValue Photonics, Inc. developed proprietary technology that centers on its innovative glass and fiber design, as well as production capability. Tailoring glass composition with doping concentration and fiber geometry, this technology optimizes not only the performance of the company’s lasers, but their reliability as well.

Founded in 2007, this privately-owned company is headquartered in Tuscon, Arizona, where its 30 employees make up both the development and manufacturing teams. With these two teams co-located in Tucson, they are able to work effectively with one another to quickly customize laser solutions that meet the exact requirements of the company’s customers.

Since its inception, AdValue Photonics, Inc. has developed and manufactured innovative and high-quality fiber lasers, amplifiers, broadband light sources and fiber isolators. Specializing in 1, 1.55 and 2 micron wavelengths, as well as high peak power and high pulse energy, the company also encompasses in-house capability of both laser glass and fiber manufacturing. The product categories of AdValue Photonics, Inc. range from CW and pulsed (ns, ps, fs pulses) fiber lasers to broadband light sources and single frequency narrow line width fiber lasers. The company’s products fulfill a variety of applications in the industry, including LIDAR, frequency conversion, mid-IR generation, materials processing, laser surgery and applications in numerous other fields.

The products put forth by AdValue Photonics, Inc. are often revolutionary. For example, with emission wavelengths in the 2 µm region, the company’s fiber lasers and associated products produce a wide range of optical characteristics that the commercial market previously lacked. With access to these products, scientists and engineers – both in academia and the laser industry at large – are able to utilize tools that help them make new discoveries. AdValue Photonics’ vast selection of fiber lasers is used by customers in order to conduct groundbreaking research in fields ranging from nonlinear optics, optical frequency conversion and materials studies, to biomedical imaging, laser-tissue interaction and laser research.

Though the company’s products all prove integral to customer success in the industry, its line of 2 Micron Q-Switched Fiber Laser, AP-QS1-MOD, is considered the most important product line. This nanosecond pulsed fiber laser has a wavelength near 2 microns which, when utilized, can support new application development in materials processing. Users can choose the pulse width, which ranges from ~20 ns to ~200 ns, while reaching a peak power of up to 10kW, all with single-mode beam quality. To allow for system integration convenience, AdValue Photonics, Inc. terminates the output delivery fiber cable with a small, light collimator head. Customers utilizing this technology have found success in the development of processing techniques with plastics, polymers and semiconductors, in addition to other applications.

A member of Laser Institute of America (LIA) since 2013, AdValue Photonics, Inc. appreciates the organization’s dedication to keeping members informed of the latest industry news. In addition, the company makes use of LIA’s networking opportunities, taking part in the array of conferences and shows offered throughout the year.

For more information, visit www.advaluephotonics.com.