AdlOptica GmbH – August’s Featured Corporate Member

Logo AdlOptica March 2012

Known for its versatile refractive laser beam shaping optics, AdlOptica GmbH provides technology that aids both industrial and scientific techniques. With a small team of experts that make up the company’s singular location in Berlin, Germany, AdlOptica GmbH’s reach extends globally, providing refractive beam shapers and special optics for a wide range of industries.

Named after Adlershof, Germany’s premier science and technology park, AdlOptica GmbH was founded in 2010 by its current owners, Vadim Laskin and Dr. Alexander Laskin. With the main goal of developing, manufacturing and promoting the company’s refractive beam shaping optics, the company has grown over the years, successfully creating a collection of more than 60 beam shaping product models.

AdlOptica GmbH’s expertly efficient piShaper, pShaper®, models can transform the intensity distribution of Gaussian TEM00 or multimode laser beams to flat-top – both uniform and top-hat – as well as inverse-Gauss and other profiles. This product line’s wide spectrum, which ranges from ultraviolet (UV) to Long Wavelength Infrared (LWIR), is accompanied by a power that spans milliwats to kilowatts. With continuous wave and ultra-short pulse lasers, the models offer users a narrow spectral band and achromatic spot sizes that can expand from microns and centimeters to meters. These versatile products also provide a low sensitivity to misalignment, which ensures that piShapers easily and efficiently integrate into users’ existing equipment and research installations. Whether in industrial or scientific applications, AdlOptica GmbH’s family of piShaper products serve as solutions for a variety of laser techniques – from micromachining, welding and cladding, to the manufacturing of solar cells, florescence and confocal microscopy and even holography.

With the success of these products, the company’s Research & Development team remains dedicated to monitoring industry requirements and developing new beam shapers to meet changing needs. Most recently, the company has developed multi-focus optics, foXXus, which optimize energy distribution in industrial techniques and use the ever-growing power of modern lasers to optimize the productivity of material processing.

Constantly vigilant of the changing needs in the industry, the company works to improve processes for numerous markets. Based on growth within the industry over the years, AdlOptica GmbH also added aThermoXX to its product offerings. As athermalized protective windows, aThermoXX products improve welding and selective laser melting technologies through the reduction or elimination of the negative thermal effects that occur with the use of high power industrial lasers.

Additionally, since its inception, AdlOptica GmbH has recognized the switch to higher imaging resolution in micromachining techniques, as well as the growth of laser power and brightness. The company has answered the latter demand through its products, which convert high power to high productivity in various processes. AdlOptica GmbH also meets the need for the wide use of multimode fiber lasers and fiber-coupled solid-state and diode lasers by offering beam shaping optics that can be used efficiently with both types of lasers.

A member of Laser Institute of America (LIA) since 2011, AdlOptica GmbH appreciates the organization’s community of professional users and developers in industrial laser technologies and the ease with which members can communicate with their fellow industry professionals in the welcoming environment of LIA events.

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