Lasers Today Weekly Wrap-Up – Week of August 22, 2016

What’s New This Week in the World of Lasers?

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Aggregating content from Lasers Today, LIA Blog, and our social media channels, here’s what you may have missed this week: 

Laser Industry News: Is Low-Cost, Robotic AM possible for large-scale? 

Is low-cost, robotic additive manufacturing possible for large-scale parts? Learn about the successes Keystone Synergistic Enterprises has had in expanding directed-energy additive manufacturing into large parts, on a low cost platform. The piece also discussed some of the early roadblocks experienced when exploring additive manufacturing for airframe and engine applications, in the late 90s and early 2000’s. Read more about Keystone’s strategy to expand upon additive manufacturing applications for sustainable business here.

A newly proposed method could greatly reduce the manufacturing times of 3D printed parts. In the post 3D Printing of Net Shape Geometries by Laser Metal Deposition, learn how this proposed process differs from traditional laser metal deposition, and the results that it produced here.

LIA Today Industrial AM Figure

Conference Updates: Prepping for the Industrial Laser Conference at IMTS 2016 in Chicago!

On the fence about attending the inaugural Industrial Laser Conference? Be sure to check out our post highlighting the four industrial manufacturing professions that may benefit the most from attending. The Industrial Laser Conference was designed to introduce ways to incorporate lasers into existing processes. Learn how to stay ahead in a competitive, high-tech market here.

Ready to register for Industrial Laser Conference? Find everything you need to know before attending here.

Discover Chicago with LIA at Industrial Laser Conference

LIA News & Updates: Recapping LME & Summit via LIA Today 

LME (Lasers for Manufacturing Event) & Summit took place April 25-27 in Atlanta, Georgia. This week, we recapped the event. LME & Summit offered educational workshops for both introductory and experienced attendees as well as the latest addition, the Laser Technology Tour, proved to be a hit with attendees. Check out what you may have missed here.


A greater number of industries than ever before are adopting additive manufacturing technology to their processes, often saving money on production costs! Learn how laser additive manufacturing may give your company the advantage in our slideshare The Cost of Manufacturing With Lasers vs Without Them. The slideshare covers the advantages of additive manufacturing, types of 3D printing and more! Download it here.

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