The Top Three Ways to Explore Laser Additive Manufacturing Through LIA

Considered by many to be the “hottest” trend in manufacturing, LIA has no shortage of resources in which you can learn more about Additive Manufacturing.

The popularity of additive manufacturing methods, such as 3D printing, does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Taking a step away from traditional manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing builds from the ground up, rather than reducing a part or product down to size.

LIA recognizes the importance of this growing trend and offers multiple ways to learn, explore, and get involved with additive manufacturing concepts. To highlight this, we’ve put together the top three ways LIA can help you better understand Laser Additive Manufacturing.

laser cladding manufacturing


Arguably the most important way LIA can help you become more acquainted with laser additive manufacturing is through our conferences. LIA conferences are held regularly throughout the year, across the country, and focus on a variety of laser applications.

This year brings the introduction of an all-new conference – the first ever Industrial Laser Conference, which encourages the introduction of lasers in manufacturing processes. With additive manufacturing featured as one of the main focuses of the event, making your way to Chicago this September is worth looking into. Click the link above for more information and to sign up.

Industrial Laser Conference 2016 Logo

Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM®), held in the early part of the year, is a two-day event that focuses solely on additive manufacturing practices. Here, advancements in the field are discussed during a variety of sessions. Representing over a dozen industries, it is nearly impossible to leave LAM without learning something new about additive manufacturing.

Publications & Blogs

LIA makes topical, current laser applications information readily available to laser professionals. Laser additive manufacturing is no exception. The LIA store has a sizable collection of educational published papers available for purchase. These papers, presented at previous conferences like ICALEO, provide invaluable information on laser-based additive manufacturing processes. Check them out here.

Lasers Today

Blogs and articles found on LIA Today and Lasers Today often explore laser additive manufacturing through current news and relevant updates. Like the post you are currently reading, LIA aims to increase your awareness of opportunities, as well as your general knowledge on laser applications, like laser additive manufacturing. Updates on conferences, how to network, and where related events are taking place are all available to you, anytime, anywhere.

Laser Safety Training

While the desire to learn more about laser additive manufacturing is important and exciting, learning appropriate operational practices with lasers is essential. Laser safety courses designed for manufacturing applications prepare you for the work environment by teaching proven practices that will keep you and others safe.

While there is not currently a course exclusively for laser additive manufacturing, those interested in the processes should look into Industrial Laser Safety Officer training. Industrial Laser Safety Officer training is designed for laser professionals that deal with manufacturing processes. Industrial-centric courses are available both in classroom and online. Check the current course schedule to see upcoming training in your area. Online registration can be found here.

LIA aims to encourage laser safety and promote laser applications, internationally. Get involved today by checking out our blogs, exploring our numerous laser safety courses, or registering for an upcoming conference, today!