Three Companies Illustrating the Importance of Electro-Optics and Photonics

Electro-optic and photonic technology is expanding and evolving at a rapid rate. Disrupting established norms, innovating processes, and making new contributions to society every day, these growing fields are changing the way we see the world as we know it.

LED representation of the working envelope of where the card would operate in space when over and close to the card reader. Outside of this envelope operation ceases – bringing you the latest Laser Innovators.

As a supporter of laser applications and practices, LIA acknowledges and celebrates these accomplishments in our newly launched Lasers Today Laser Innovators Series. In no particular order, here are three of the many companies doing their part to further the importance of electro-optics and photonics.

From life-saving bioimaging, to creating the most immersive parts of our favorite theme park rides, these notable advancements will inevitably impact some corner of each of our lives:

IPG Photonics Fiber Laser Used in Projector Prototype

Earlier this year, a fiber light laser, developed by IPG Photonics, was used in a prototype 4K RGB laser projector. This projector, made by NEC Display Solutions of America, is designed for large theater screens. According to Businesswire, NC3540LS (the prototype) can be stacked into a two-projector setup, becoming one of the brightest projector options available, at 70,000 lumens. The projector was demonstrated at CinemaCon, this past April.

Spectra-Physics Debuts 3-Photon Imaging Ultrafast Laser
Credit: Spectra-Physics

Spectra-Physics Debuts Three Photon Imaging Ultrafast Laser Source

This year, Spectra Physics debuted Spirit-NOPA-IR, a three-photon imaging ultrafast laser source. With a peak power of > 10 MW, imaging of live tissue “results in exceptional clarity,” according to the company. This new imaging source is intended for neuroscience and other bio-imaging and expands on the company’s previous developments in bioimaging.

jenoptik dome theater
Credit: Jenoptik

Jenoptik Builds Theater Dome to Test Laser Projection Lenses

Photonics and electro-optics are becoming a focal point for cinemas and amusement parks, as they put a greater focus on projection technology. Jenoptik, anticipating future and current needs, recently completed a theater dome designed to test laser projection lenses. The theater hosts a screen 24 feet in diameter, elevated five feet in the air, as well as a 30 by 16 foot flat screen for digital cinema testing. Jenoptik has created a number of large-scale stage and movie projectors for 3D theaters, dark rides, and simulators. This development shows no sign of that trend coming to an end.

Electro-optics and photonics are creating a significant impact on a wide array of disciplines and industries. Outside of manufacturing and research applications, these companies are not only participating in innovative development, they are consistently changing the way laser and photonic applications are viewed in the world.

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