September’s Featured Corporate Member – Wayne Trail, A Lincoln Electric Company

Wayne Trail, a subsidiary of Lincoln Electric, is a leader in the design of flexible, automated systems utilized within a wide range of metal forming, fabricating and joining industries. Its current market segments include robotics, welding and fixturing; press automation; tube bending and fabricating systems; tubular hydroform and structural frame automation; build-to-print manufacturing services; and laser processing systems.

Wayne Trail Lincoln Electric Company

At the time of Wayne Trail’s inception, the company provided the Dayton, Ohio-region automotive industry with tools, dies and fixtures. The company’s reputation and customer base grew throughout the years, allowing for the development of its engineering expertise and inclusion of automation through the production of automated tube-bending systems. In addition, Wayne Trail acquired companies, such as Livernois Press Automation, Flexible Systems Engineering and VIL Laser Systems, which added to its visibility within the industry, expanding its capabilities and, ultimately, leading to its acquisition by Lincoln Electric in 2012.

Since then, Wayne Trail has added to Lincoln Electric’s strength by not only incorporating the staff’s experience in design and system building, but also in adding their proven capabilities and success in laser welding systems. Lincoln Electric employs over 10,000 people globally among their 49 manufacturing operations, joint ventures and alliances in 19 countries, with 180 employees located at the Wayne Trail facility. As laser experts, Wayne Trail has added to Lincoln Electric’s vast product line for numerous industries and products, such as automotive and specialty powertrain component systems and both standard- and custom-designed cells for laser welding, cutting, brazing and more.

Despite its numerous innovative offerings, Wayne Trail’s laser welding system services prove among its most important. From the automotive and aerospace sectors to the battery and energy sectors, Wayne Trail continuously meets new challenges through their powertrain laser systems, multiple robotic laser cutting systems, laser ablation and brazing systems. The company adds to Lincoln Electric’s history as a leading global innovator, continuing to invest in research and development of laser processes – including brazing, ablation, laser die cleaning and laser/hot wire for cladding and welding applications – which hold the potential to help move technology further around the globe.

Over the last five years, Lincoln Electric has grown in automotive, aerospace and commercial system applications for multi-axis laser processing. Continued development in technology and the increase in reliability has allowed lasers to venture from the lab into real-world production systems. As lasers continue to prove themselves as a reliable method of joining and cutting of numerous materials within the industry, immense growth has occurred, creating new jobs and allowing for Lincoln Electric’s expansion into other areas of automation requirements.

With the availability of new materials and affordability of laser technology for customers, Lincoln Electric continues to weld, clean, cut and drill complex components for customers. To meet customers’ developing demands, Lincoln Electric’s engineering groups remain dedicated to developing and advancing innovative system concepts and tools. This was seen when Wayne Trail R&D engineers raised deposition rates and eliminated waste powder while using powder systems through the development of a hot wire process.

As a member of Laser Institute of America (LIA) since 1995, Wayne Trail has been able to maintain access to information and opportunities that span all laser-related industries. It has also allowed the company to collaborate and contribute to the industries it supports, through a presence at LIA conferences and expos, while also keeping Lincoln Electric close to the industry and helping it witness the growth of the laser.

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