Weekly Lasers Wrap Up – Week of September 19, 2016

Bringing you up to speed on the latest updates in laser industry news, LIA updates, and other laser-related developments, the Weekly Wrap-Up aggregates all that you may have missed this week:

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Industry News:

In a recent trade advisory, OSHA announced that they will be sharing safety and health updates via Twitter. The account @OSHA_DOL will provide information to the public regarding OSHA initiatives, activities, publications, and more! OSHA encourages professionals to share these updates within their own networks. LIA will be sharing all laser industry-related updates at our own Twitter handle @laserinstitute. Check out our summary of the advisory here.

OSHA Twitter

Manufacturing Day takes place October 17 This year’s theme is “Opening Doors and Minds.” LIA will be covering all Manufacturing Day updates on Twitter. Check out #MFGDay16 to stay up to date on all activities and insights throughout the day — and stay tuned for more LIA Manufacturing Day updates!

Figure 2. Multi-beam laser additive manufacturing process
Multi-beam laser additive manufacturing process

Researchers at the Photonics Institute at Vienna Institute of Technology have developed a device that “emits super short flashes of infrared light with extremely high energy.” Combining long infrared wavelength, short duration, and high energy, the pulses are able to be compressed, without sacrificing the energy. Check out the original article on Science Daily here.

LIA Updates:

LIA remembers Laser Safety Community Leader Darrell Seeley. Seeley was a renowned laser safety teacher and consultant. He passed away August 16, 2016, after battling cancer. Seeley was 66 years old. Read our tribute to his memory here.

Conference News:

ICALEO is less than a month away! Registration for this premiere conference is still open. ICALEO takes place October 16-20, 2016 in San Diego, CA. Review photos from last year’s event here.

icaleo 2015 welcome celebration
ICALEO 2016 is almost here! View photos from last year’s event.

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