Weekly Wrap Up — Week of September 12, 2016

With Industrial Laser Conference and the Industrial Manufacturing Technology Show wrapping up in Chicago, this week’s summary explains what you may have missed!


The first-ever Industrial Laser Conference at the Industrial Manufacturing Technology show took place September 13, in Chicago, Illinois. LIA was there to capture to-the-minute updates from the event. For a recap, visit #ILCatIMTS on Twitter, where you will find photos from the event, glimpses from inside presentations, and maybe some familiar faces! The Industrial Laser  Conference touched on hot topics in laser manufacturing such as additive manufacturing, hybrid tooling, fiber lasers, and more! Follow LIA on Twitter @laserinstitute to see coverage from the event.

Industry News

As part of the newly launched Lasers Today Laser Innovators Series, the blog profiled three movers and shakers in Electro Optics and Photonics. Learn about recent developments that will likely find their way into our daily lives, sooner rather than later. From state-of-the-art projections to life-saving bioimaging, to testing the technology that will operate our next-favorite amusement park attraction, these are companies to keep an eye on in the industry. Learn more here.

SPI Lasers’ fiber lasers are capable of welding dissimilar metals. The new process creates three weld spots creating a strong weld between very different metals such as copper and aluminum. Learn more about the exciting development, in this article from Industrial Lasers.

Conference Updates

With Industrial Laser Conference now behind us, our attention turns to ICALEO® taking place October 16–20, in San Diego, California.  ICALEO® brings attendees from all over the world, and while there is plenty to see and do across all four days, sometimes a break to see the city is desired. With that in mind, we put together a guide of things to see and do around San Diego. Whether you’re into museums, historical landmarks, or sun and sand, we’ve found something for you to do on your downtime, at  ICALEO®. Check out the guide here.  Registration for  ICALEO® is open. Don’t miss out on this premiere laser event. For registration details, please visit our registration page, found here.

LIA News & Updates

The laser industry is always evolving. While you may have taken Laser Safety Officer training in the past, if it has been five years or more, you may be operating with outdated knowledge. Refreshing your LSO training helps keep you on top of ANSI standards, which are revised more often than you may expect. Plus, with LSO training through LIA, you will receive sample documents, which help to create and/or maintain a laser safety plan. The courses also help you learn strategies for training others in laser safety; a common responsibility of the LSO. Learn more about the perks of LSO Training through LIA here.

Many companies look for ways to minimize cost and expenses. The manufacturing industry is no exception. Sometimes, ways to save time and money on manufacturing are a lot easier than you may think. Simple things like attending conferences, such as ILCatIMTS or LAM, can give you insider knowledge to increase efficiency. Staying up to date on regulations and industry updates can help curb preventable incidents, saving you time and money. Learn about other ways to save time and money on manufacturing here!

There are no shortage of reasons why many laser professionals are also LIA members. Learn about the many benefits that come with LIA membership such as unique networking opportunities, discounts on laser safety courses, reduced conference rates, and more! Discover the perks of membership here.

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