Meet 3 of 2016’s Selective Laser Melting Innovators

Selective Laser Melting is an increasingly important segment of additive manufacturing.

Considered by many to be the first major manufacturing revolution of the 21st Century, additive manufacturing continues to disrupt tradition and introduces new ways to shape our world. The following are a few of this year’s biggest innovators in the realm of selective laser melting:

IPG Photonics

Recently ranked on Forbes Fast Tech Top 25, IPG Photonics is making waves with their High Power CW Fiber Lasers for Selective Laser Melting and Laser Metal Deposition applications.

They use High Power CW Fiber Lasers to develop “fully dense metallic parts with improved mechanical properties.” With regular recognition for their products, IPG Photonics is a company to watch when it comes to industry innovations.

additive manufacturing
Courtesy: IPG Photonics

LPW Technology

LPW Technology offers a variety of metal powders for use in additive manufacturing. The company aims to “support, develop, and challenge the fast-growing 3D metal printing industry.”  LPW Technology recently partnered with TWI, Ltd. for the High Strength Aluminum Alloy Parts by Selective Laser Melting (Hi-StA-Part) Clean Sky project. The endeavor utilizes selective laser melting to “demonstrate the viability to produce aerospace grade aluminum parts” using direct manufacturing.

LPW focuses their research and development efforts around advancing the metal 3D Printing industry. Hi-StA-Part Clean Sky is just one of the many additive manufacturing projects LPW Technology is actively participating in.

Courtesy: SPI Lasers

SPI Lasers

SPI Lasers is one of the leading manufacturers of fiber lasers. They’ve also contributed to the rise of selective laser melting. The redPOWER CW Fiber Laser is used to build “complex titanium implants and components” in a matter of hours.

Fractionalizing the wait time expected in traditional manufacturing, their systems have a lower operating cost and work virtually any sort of metal. Plus, SPI Lasers does an excellent job of outlining additive manufacturing practices and applications to educate curious minds. Between education and application, SPI Lasers is setting a standard of innovation in not only selective laser melting, but in additive manufacturing overall.

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