Weekly Lasers Wrap Up – Week of December 12, 2016

The Laser Institute of America LasersToday.com Weekly Wrap-Up aggregates industry news, conference updates, and LIA happenings. Here is the latest:

Laser Industry News

Mitsui Seiki USA, Inc. unveiled new machining technology at IMTS 2016, which successfully combines additive and subtractive manufacturing technology. The machining tool, known as Vertex 55X-HA, combines a traditional CNC vertical machining center with a laser direct energy deposition/ powder feed nozzle. For more on Vertex 55X-HA and what Mitsui Seiki has planned for hybrid manufacturing technology, check out the full post here.

Computer simulations in which lasers of varying wavelengths are aimed at bacterial colonies in gum tissue reveal a potential solution to dental health problems caused by these colonies. In the simulations, the photonic energy is absorbed by the pathogens, rather than the gum tissues. For more on this research, find the full article here.

LIA Updates

A new and improved Laser Institute of America website is under development and will launch in early 2017. New features will include a members-only access area, improved search capabilities for LIA’s technical archives, free downloadable educational resources, improved international support, and more! Find the official press release here.

This week, LIA formally announced the 2017 Elected Officers, Board, and Fellow Award Recipients. 2017’s Elected Officers are Secretary Dr. Minlin Zhong, Treasurer Gilbert Haas, and President-Elect Milan Brandt. The 2017-2018 board includes Eckhard Beyer, Robert Braunschweig, Corey Dunskey, Lucian Hand, Tracey Johnson, Dr. Markus Kogel-Hollacher, John Lopez, Reinhart Poprawe, Michael Schmidt, Bill Shiner, and Robert Thomas. LIA is also excited to announce that the recipients of the 2017 LIA Fellow Award are Neil Ball and Silke Pflueger. For more information, find the official press release here.

This week, LIA attended the 2016 Power Engineering Conference. Check the LIA Twitter page @laserinstitute for updates from the event.

Conference News

The Biennial International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC® 2017) will take place March 20-23 in Atlanta, Georgia. ILSC® unites laser safety professionals from around the world to discuss all aspects of laser safety. This year’s conference will be chaired by John O’ Hagan of Public Health England and will feature three tracks: Laser Safety Scientific Sessions (LSSS), Medical Practical Applications Sessions (MPAS), and Technical Practical Applications Sessions (TPAS). For more on ILSC® find the full press release here.

Registration for ILSC® 2017 is now open. For more information, please visit the ILSC® 2017 page.

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