Weekly Lasers Wrap Up – Week of December 19, 2016

The Laser Institute of America LasersToday.com Weekly Wrap-Up aggregates industry news, conference updates, and LIA happenings. Here is the latest:

Laser Industry News

Scientists at Cern are using lasers to unlock the secrets of antimatter. The physicists shone a laser on trapped anti-atoms to see if they react differently than atoms. Using a uniquely-designed magnetic trap, the researchers were able to study the effects of anti-hydrogen. To learn more about the team’s findings, check out the original article from BBC here.

A Scottsdale, Alabama church is planned to be repurposed into a commercial office and retail space. The key difference between this and other forms of redevelopment? A 3D laser scanner is being used to measure the space. The company heading the project, Eco3d, used a FARO Focus X330 laser scanner, capable of scanning over 900,000 points per second. A full scan of the building took half a day, which is fractional compared to traditional scanning methods. Learn more about the project here.

LIA Updates

The latest issue of LIA Today is now available. The November/December edition is a year-end review on the state of laser applications, including global laser sales. Also featured are articles on using lasers to increase car efficiency, ICALEO® 2016, Industrial Laser Conference 2016, and more! Find the digital edition of LIA Today here.

Conference News

The Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM®) will take place February 21-22, 2017 in Houston, Texas. LAM® 2017 will feature a brand new set of workshop chairs, with a focus on leading additive processes. Milan Brandt (RMIT University) will serve as the General Chair, with Minlin Zhong (Tsinghua University) and John Hunter (LPW Technology, Inc.) serving as co-chairs.

LAM® will feature presentations from companies influencing the international marketplace in additive processes. New to LAM® 2017 is a new session on the emerging area of micro/nano manufacturing. For more information, find the full press release here.

To register for LAM® 2017, please visit the registration page, here.

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