ILSC 2017: How Practical Applications Seminars & Scientific Sessions help MLSOs & LSOs Succeed

By Alanna Ritchie

Laser safety professionals: It’s time to step outside of your routine. Learn from the foremost laser safety experts and discover resources that you can bring back to your organization at the 2017 edition of the International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC).


ILSC brings together many of the brightest minds and seasoned industry specialists from across the globe. From March 20-23 in Atlanta, GA, you can join your fellow laser safety professionals in attending presentations on the latest research and insights regarding safety standards and technical developments. By learning from peers and professionals, you’ll also become a better representative at your job or organization for ensuring safety with lasers per OSHA/ANSI standards.

Explore more of the benefits of ILSC below.

Benefits for Medical Laser Safety Officers and Laser Safety Officers

The Laser Institute of America has gathered together top members of the medical and scientific communities to give presentations during the four-day event. Medical Laser Safety Officers and Laser Safety Officers can deepen their knowledge of scientific developments; find solutions for dilemmas commonly encountered in day-to-day work; learn potential risks related to laser use and exposure, and critically examine the future of laser applications.

Professionals in the medical, military, government, environmental and insurance industries will all benefit from the Scientific Sessions and Practical Applications Seminars. In addition to networking between seminars, the seminars provide a unique opportunity to hear from those working using lasers in medical and technical fields and applying their experience to identify potential pitfalls with dangerous equipment.

What to Expect from the Medical Seminars

MLSOs can attend presentations and walk away with valuable insights that they can immediately apply to day-to-day tasks. With cutting-edge medical laser safety presentations, attendees from a variety of backgrounds will also have the chance to expand their scope of laser safety knowledge.

Learn about plume hazards, physics, and tissue interaction. Gain command of OR precautions by attending presentations on setting up a safety program, ethical dilemmas, and accidents. Make sure your understanding of current standards is up-to-date with upper airway guidelines, AORN practices, and ANSI standards.


What to Expect from the Technical Seminars

The Technical Practical Application Seminars are geared toward Laser Safety Officers but provide information that is applicable for other industries as well.

Brush up on topics such as laser safety in the workplace, determining Nominal Hazard Zones,  eye protection recommendations and identifying mandatory control measures. Improve your ability to gauge situations where laser use may become dangerous.  Find out which regulations apply directly to you and how you can control non-beam hazards.

Fuse Theory and Practice with Complementary Seminars

Each of these practical seminars along with the scientific sessions join together seamlessly to give you a foundation for determining and maintaining laser safety standards. As you find out about new and innovative products, research and analyses, you will expand your perspective of laser safety across industries. Each attendee has the chance to take these insights back to their own workplace and identify future problems and ways to improve current safety protocol.

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