The 2017 ILSC Medical Practical Applications Seminar: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

By Alanna Ritchie 

MLSOs and medical laser safety professionals who attend the 2017 International Laser Safety Conference’s Medical Practical Applications Seminar will learn from experts, exchange ideas, and bring the latest knowledge back to their medical facility. Explore the event & it is important in our Lasers Today feature below.

As March draws closer, the deadline to register for the International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC) is quickly approaching. ILSC is the world’s leading laser safety event, drawing professionals from around the globe to master laser safety practices and uncover current trends in hazard control. This popular conference, held this year from March 20-23 at the Sheraton Atlanta Airport in Atlanta, GA, covers ground-breaking developments in laser technology as well as practical solutions related to its technical and medical challenges.

The four-day event includes the Medical Practical Applications Seminar (MPAS) which incorporates the latest scientific medical-related insights into practical applications related to laser safety. You can explore why MPAS is such a groundbreaking event and an annual ILSC highlight in our guide to MPAS below.


Excelling in Medical Laser Safety at ILSC’s MPAS

MPAS, held March 20-21, 2017, gives medical professionals a two-day pass to expert seminars about Medical Laser Safety Officer (MLSO) best practices. It’s an exciting opportunity for attendees to deepen their knowledge of medical laser safety through expert presentations and the exchange of ideas and take what they’ve learned back to their hospital, ASC, or office.

What Topics Are Covered During ILSC’s MPAS?

Move beyond online Medical Laser Safety Courses and hear about common scenarios where theory must be put into action. This year’s seminar is titled Laser Safety: More than Smoke and Mirrors and gives attendees the opportunity to learn from medical professionals and researchers dedicated to protecting the health of patients and clinicians using laser applications.

Presenters will explore topics like risks related to surgical smoke plume, collimated medical devices, methods for preventing potential injuries and new international initiatives. They will also take a critical look at current legislation and the need for future changes. The sessions will also examine how to address the role of MLSOs in improving the safety of patients and staff.


Who Should Attend MPAS?

Medical Laser Safety Officers, biomedical & biophysical researchers, environmental health & safety professionals, nurses, medical technicians and health physicists are among the many occupations that can benefit from this practical seminar. Those who monitor the safety and use of lasers in operating rooms, surgical centers, aesthetic clinics and medical spas will be able to apply tools and tips learned during the sessions. Non-medical laser safety professionals are also welcome to attend.

This is your chance to network with global attendees from a variety of fields and discuss questions related specifically to your industry. Bring current industry issues to the attention of your colleagues. After attending sessions as a group, you can ask questions and exchange with other field professionals. Share the obstacles you are facing with experts –and find solutions together.

Why Are MPAS Critical to Laser Safety?

Laser safety involves educating yourself, figuring how to take the proper precautions, and raising awareness. By attending the MPAS, you can earn contact hours, receive insights that you can put into action within your industry, and hear firsthand about how Medical Laser Safety Officers address risks before problems become emergencies.

The 2017 ILSC Medical Practical Application Seminar will better equip medical professionals & MLSOs to prevent harm while extending the reach of applied laser technology. Register today to reserve your ticket for the International Laser Safety Conference this March.