Meet LASEA – June’s Featured Corporate Member

Known worldwide for its ultra-speed and accuracy, LASEA is a precision laser solution provider that manufactures highly efficient and reliable laser machines for the industry.


Headquartered in Liege, Belgium, LASEA was founded in 1999 by Axel Kupisiewicz. Well-acquainted with the space industry, the founder created the company to respond to the growing needs of precision laser processes. Right from the start, LASEA specialized in automatic and high-precision machines that operate using short and ultrashort pulsed lasers.

The company provides laser systems and industrial production lines for coating removal on glass and plastic using these short-pulsed lasers. As its most popular product, the high-selling and ultrafast pulsed laser machine is known as the LS5. It includes vision capabilities, a dual laser option, and the brand-new Precession module for zero-taper cutting and drilling.

Thanks to a team of experts and strong R&D programs, LASEA has remained at the forefront of technology and innovation in the laser industry. The company will soon be releasing a high-productivity machine for micromachining that contains a femtosecond 100W laser power. Since 2003, LASEA has been a pioneer in the world of femtosecond laser machines. It was the first company to introduce an industrial laser machine using a femtosecond laser at Laser Munich in 2011. As a part of these innovations, LASEA had developed unique and patented processes such as intra-volume marking within transparent materials for traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

LASEA’s reach extends into markets as diverse as medical devices, luxury jewelry and watches, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace applications. The company offers a range of laser machines and OEM beam management modules for applications such as marking, micromachining, engraving, cutting, drilling, selective ablation, and texturing.

Comprised of approximately 70 employees collectively, LASEA has three subsidiaries in addition to its headquarters. The U.S. subsidiary of the company, LASEA, Inc., is based out of El Cajon, CA. Overall, the company is primarily made up of technical personnel, of which 40 percent are engineers. It’s further organized into individual departments for R&D, Application, Machine Conception, Optical Components, and Production. It also houses its own electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and automation groups.

LASEA’s flexible approach is based on customer satisfaction and allows the company to conceive and manufacture turnkey, customized solutions for many world-class companies in the med-tech, pharmaceutical, and watch manufacturing industries.

Some of the most notable achievements include delivering world-premiere machines for cochlear implants and intra-ocular implants. To give an idea of the company’s vast scope, LASEA has also installed many high-end systems in production lines that run automatically 24 hours per day within the watch industry. These systems have unparalleled processing capabilities, as well as ultra-high precision systems of up to 0.2 microns on each axis. LASEA is proud to have developed and installed so many unique and advanced systems.

As a Laser Institute of America (LIA) member since 2016, LASEA, Inc. General Manager Robert Braunschweig said he appreciates LIA as being the centerpiece of the world of laser processing. He credits the conferences and networking with advancing and promoting new technologies and ideas. As a pioneer in ultrafast laser micromachining, he believes LASEA serves an essential role in this promotion and simultaneously benefits from the reach and knowledge of LIA.

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