Meet Haas Laser Technologies Inc. – September’s Featured Corporate Member

(Image courtesy of Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.)

Gilbert Haas founded Haas Laser Technologies Inc. in 1992. From its inception, he wanted the company to exemplify innovation, reliability and quality above all else. Additionally, he aimed at producing laser beam delivery components, which would define industry standards.

“Our products include laser beam delivery components, laser beam diagnostic equipment and custom laser systems,” said Gilbert Haas, president of Haas Laser Technologies.

Haas Laser Technologies facility in Flanders, NJ. (Photo courtesy of Haas Laser Technologies Inc.)

The company has approximately 20 employees who work out of three key locations: Florida, Washington and its main facility in New Jersey. International distributorships support the company’s products worldwide.

Haas mentioned that the corporation, which turns 25 this year, has witnessed sustained growth since its inception. As a result of this growth, their products are currently utilized around the world in all industrial laser applications.

Haas ensures his company is postured for innovation by remaining engaged within the laser manufacturing community. In fact, he was an integral part of the LIA Board of Directors from 2014-2016 and currently serves as the LIA Executive Committee Treasurer.

“Being a member of the LIA puts you on the cutting edge of technology,” said Haas. “Whether it be conferences at ICALEO, LAM, LME, or via proceedings, online courses and certifications, you can always be sure LIA has the information you need to succeed.”

Haas keeps a close eye on where industry trends are headed so that his organization can better adjust to customer needs.  The company is an innovator, was a Prism Award finalist several times, and holds several national and international patents.

TLC Optics (Image courtesy of Haas Laser Technologies Inc.)

“Many new efforts are being made in the laser field,” said Haas. “We have seen the evolution of Nd:Yag to Fiber Lasers and the advances in CO2 laser technology.  Being on the forefront of the

BWA-CAM (Image courtesy of Haas Laser Technologies Inc.)

technology keeps us energized. We are always challenged with developing new unique products that open new markets.”

According to Haas, the Laser Diagnostics and TLC product lines are the latest product offerings by Haas Laser Technologies Inc. today.

“Our BWA Laser Measurement System is the world’s fastest and most repeatable system for laser beam measurements,” stated Haas. “Our TLC optics mitigates thermal lensing experienced in optics in high power laser systems.”

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This Corporate Member Feature was written by Brandon Kalloo in collaboration with Haas Laser Technologies Inc.