LIA Prepares to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

In 2018, Laser Institute of America (LIA) will commemorate its 50th year as a professional society dedicated to fostering lasers, laser safety and applications. In 1968, the company was founded by a passionate group of academics consisting of scientists, developers, and engineers who desired to turn the emerging laser world into a valuable and practical industry.

LIA has always believed in the importance of developing a culture of innovation, ingenuity and inspiration within the laser industry. As a professional society, it serves industrial, educational, medical, research and governmental communities internationally.

“We are very excited to launch into LIA’s 50th anniversary,” said Nat Quick, LIA’s executive director. “We want to celebrate this significant milestone and take the opportunity to reintroduce LIA as the face of laser safety and applications.”

In its anniversary year, LIA will update its brand with a new logo and new look for its print and electronic newsletters. Additionally, the association is introducing exclusive LIA gear with the release of its 50th-anniversary pins and shirts.

LIA TODAY, its bi-monthly, full-color print magazine that publishes articles on the latest industry news, will be revamped. Readers can expect a new look for both the print magazine and LIA’s monthly eNewsletter. The new overall appearance will be modernized and consistent with the look and feel of LIA’s newly launched website.

“Our team is looking forward to refreshing the LIA brand,” said Jim Naugle, LIA’s marketing director. “Additionally, we have a number of events planned commemorating advances in laser technology, our history and our valued LIA members.”

LIA has scheduled four conferences/exhibits in 2018 — LAM, LME, Industrial Laser Conference and ICALEO. Special events will take place at each of the conferences/exhibits. Details will be announced on event pages and upcoming issues of LIA TODAY.

With so much to look forward to in the coming year, the company as a whole is grateful to the laser community for its consistent support and contribution. To learn more about LIA and its upcoming celebrations, visit

As the LIA team reflects on the last five decades, they will develop a timeline marking significant industry-related benchmarks. Once established, this timeline will be available digitally and at conferences throughout the year. You are encouraged to contribute notable events and achievements. For submission details, visit


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