LIA Introduces Three Laser Safety and Welding Publications to its Online Store

For Immediate Release

ORLANDO, FL (August 9, 2016) – Laser Institute of America (LIA) is proud to announce the release of three laser publications now available for purchase in its online store (, the laser industry’s one-stop-shop for the most valuable and current laser safety and practical applications resources. The publications, which include Laser Safety Tools and Training, Laser Welding, and Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding, represent a handful of several ongoing additions to the critical laser safety and applications publications already available in LIA’s easy-to-navigate online marketplace.

Laser Safety Tools and Training 2nd Edition covers the fundamentals of laser safety information, including the use of critical lasers. Students, entry level users, and laser experts can all benefit from the information found within. The text, written by a laser safety professional, considers the safety of the self, as well as others. Providing materials surrounding laser research standards, lab design, accidents, and protected eyewear.. New to the second edition is the inclusion of Z136.8 Research Laser Standard. Eye exposure limits, new case studies, lab designs, and laser disposal are also covered in the new edition. Laser Safety Tools and Training 2nd Edition is available in the LIA store here:

Laser Welding helps to provide a practical understanding of laser welding. Covering basic welding principles, industrial applications, as well as laser welding safety, Laser Welding is ideal for the laser professional looking to expand their knowledge of real world welding-based laser applications. Included in the publication are chapters on welding sheet metal parts, performance control and monitoring, installing and operating a laser, as well as glossary of common terminology.  Laser Welding is available in the LIA store here:

Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding (HLAW) provides a comprehensive look at hybrid laser-arc welding practices and technology. This publication is essential for anyone who uses welding technology or wants to learn more about this method that combines laser welding and arc welding. Part One of the text focuses on HLAW characteristics, specifically the properties of joints created by hybrid methods. Assessing the quality of a weld is also covered. Part two discusses the applications pertaining to specific metals such as aluminum, steel, and magnesium alloys. This section will also provide information pertaining to hybrid laser-arc welding applications for ships and automobiles. Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding is available in the LIA store here:

To purchase these learning and safety tools, along with a variety of regularly-updated laser safety and practical applications content, please visit   — and check back often for more publications and resource updates.

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