Valuable Online Resources in Laser Manufacturing

Whether you are an expert in the field of laser manufacturing, an ambitious student, or are just beginning your career, discovering new information about laser manufacturing applications is always a valuable endeavor.

trumpf 3d laser cutting
3D Laser Cutting – Trumpf Inc.

With that in mind, the LIA team compiled a list of the top laser welding and manufacturing-related online publications for you to explore. These resources are packed full of information, tips, stories, and real-life applications for all laser manufacturing levels.

Here are some of our favorites:

#1: The Welding School Blog: Laser Technologies in Welding

Tulsa Welding School has served as a training school for welders for over 60 years. With three locations nationwide, Tulsa Welding School is focused on the education and careers of its students. Beyond classroom and hands-on instruction, the institution regularly updates The Welding School Blog and covers the most breaking information in laser welding, like this article on how new technology, including lasers, is revolutionizing the welding industry.

Other posts focus on potential students and individuals interested in the field, or aim content toward current professionals, discussing competitions, career advice, and networking opportunities for welders. In all, the Welding School Blog manages to share intriguing stories, history, and background on the history and impact of welding applications.

Read more from The Welding School Blog on laser technologies in welding here.

#2: Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing

Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing is an online magazine packed full of relevant content for laser manufacturing professionals. Although the magazine itself is released every other month, the Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing web page is frequently updated with the latest news, developments, and information— including laser engraving and welding.

Featuring industry news, relevant videos, popular products, financial reports, and links to other online resources, this publication is bookmark-worthy for anyone professionally involved with laser manufacturing. Be sure to check out the Editor’s picks for exclusive pieces not found in the magazine.

#3: Industrial Photonics Magazine

Like the previous entry, Industrial Photonics Magazine is also an online industry magazine. This magazine does an excellent job of aggregating the best news, features, webcasts, videos, and more in relation to laser applications. While you will find a whole lot more than pieces on laser manufacturing, Industrial Photonics Magazine stays on top of the latest industrial headlines, making it a valuable resource for those looking to expand their laser knowledge even outside of their own profession.  Read on and subscribe by clicking here.

laser diode industrial photonics
Industrial Photonics Magazine

#4: and LIA Today

Laser Institute of America is committed to providing the latest and most valuable laser manufacturing information to our members and the laser manufacturing community at large. For breaking industry news and updates in one convenient location, visit our website here. You can even sign up to receive updates directly to your inbox, so you never miss articles on Laser Weld Process Monitoring and Laser Welding Publications, for example.

LIA Today is a full-color newsletter that is published six times per year. It includes articles on the latest industry news to keep members and other laser professionals current on important issues that impact the laser community. To read the September/October issue of LIA today, Science and Research, and to subscribe, click here.

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