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December 16, 2016 – Orlando, FL—The 2017 installment of LIA’s biennial International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC®) will take place March 20-23, in Atlanta, Georgia. Laser safety professionals from around the globe will gather to discuss all aspects of laser safety, from bioeffects research to control hazards to best practices for the Laser Safety Officer (LSO).

The conference will be chaired by John O’Hagan with Public Health England. Following the traditions of previous years, ILSC 2017 will feature presentations in three tracks: Laser Safety Scientific Sessions (LSSS), Medical Practical Applications Seminar (MPAS) and Technical Practical Applications Seminar (TPAS).

Karl Schulmeister, Chair for LSSS, assures that ILSC will continue to cover the subject matter that attendees have found most helpful over the years. The topics include laser product safety and bioeffects. The interactions between lasers and tissues as well as injury thresholds for the varying tissues of the eye and skin will be reviewed. Other sessions will focus on eyewear, outdoor lasers, high power lasers, materials processing and broadband incoherent radiation.

Certified Medical Laser Safety Officers (CMLSOs) Vangie Dennis, Patti Owens, Leslie Pollard, along with Kay Ball will lead the MPAS subtitled “Laser Safety: More than Smoke and Mirrors”.

“ILSC 2017 offers learning and networking opportunities to help healthcare professionals meet the challenges of laser technology,” said Ball. “Advancements and exciting new information will be highlighted, while experts will be able to share their knowledge and experiences.”

Owens includes “that day one would include pertinent information regarding the hazards of surgical smoke and plume.” “The latest research will be presented”, said Owens. “Analyzing the toxicity of surgical plume, the impact of chronic exposure to

“The latest research will be presented”, said Owens. “Analyzing the toxicity of surgical plume, the impact of chronic exposure to second hand smoke, recommended respiratory protection, new international initiatives and organizations, along with future legislation for management of this health hazard.”

“The second stimulating day will focus on management of collimated medical devices with exciting lectures addressing new applications of innovative laser technology, retinal and corneal injuries from exposure to lasers and Intense Pulsed Light, veterinary utilization of medical laser devices, Low Level Light therapy and PDT.  Also, the role of the laser safety officer and how to produce positive safety outcomes for both staff and patient will be explored.”

Not to be outdone by their counterparts, co-chairs Certified Laser Safety Officers (CLSOs) Eddie Ciprazo and Jamie King’s theme for the TPAS is “Back to the Basics – Laser Safety 101”.

With something at this event for everyone regardless of their experience level, King notes that both senior and novice Laser Safety Officers (LSOs) will leave with valuable knowledge because of the variety of material that will be covered.

“From basic optics to cutting edge technologies and everything in between,” said King. “It’s here.”

TPAS will provide a full toolbox of information for every LSO in attendance. Wednesday morning kicks off with “So you are the LSO, now what?” and closes Thursday with “Resources for the LSO, don’t reinvent the wheel”.  A first for the conference as well as TPAS, an open forum panel discussion with the FDA is sure to be of interest.

From LSOs and nurses, to safety product manufacturers and laser physicists, attendees will gain invaluable information from sessions and have the opportunity to network with others as a part of the laser safety experts community.

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