Attendees Will Accelerate the Additive Manufacturing Revolution with GE’s Greg Morris at LAM 2017

Explore Additive Manufacturing with GE’s Greg Morris at LAM 2017. 

Our Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM®) is only two weeks away. If you aren’t caught up, this annual event highlights the latest advancements in additive manufacturing technology and applications, bringing together industry leaders and top researchers to discuss the present and future of additive manufacturing in a variety of critical American industries like medicine, energy and aerospace.

LAM 2017 is in Houston, TX. February is an ideal time to visit Houston, with mild temperatures and ample sunshine.

This year’s event will kick off with the keynote presentation “Accelerating the Additive Revolution” by Greg Morris of GE Additive, as part of the highly-anticipated Trends in Additive Manufacturing Session. Learn more about GE’s work and the keynote speech at LAM below.

GE Additive Leads the Way

Roboze One

Over the last year, GE has further positioned itself as a leader in industrial design and manufacturing technology. In early 2016, GE opened the Center for Additive Technology Advancement, a 125,000-square foot facility in Pittsburgh, PA dedicated to the future of 3D printing. The company also recently reached an agreement with global additive manufacturing provider Concept Laser to own a 75 percent stake, with plans for full ownership in the future.

A recently acquired Roboze One+400 desktop 3D printer bolsters its global research center, allowing the company to experiment with polyetherimide (PEI) and polyether ether ketone (PEEK). With these
innovations, GE Additive propels the potential of additive manufacturing and is focused on numerous initiatives to accelerate technology in the manufacturing world.

About Greg Morris

Technology Laureate Greg Morris

LAM 2017 Keynote presenter Greg Morris has served as GE Aviation’s Leader of Additive Technologies since 2013. Previously, Morris was the CEO of Morris Technologies, which was purchased by GE in 2012 to help advance their additive manufacturing initiatives, particularly for large scale production. Technology developed by Morris is directly responsible for GE Aviation’s greater push for AM innovation. In 2015, Morris was honored with the Aviation Week Laureate Award for Technology, for his work in the industrialization of additive manufacturing.

What’s Next for Morris & GE

The next big push from GE Aviation is an increase in the production of LEAP fuel injectors. The company plans to double its production from 6,000 in 2016 to 12,000 in 2017. The project is shifting to the company’s Auburn, AL facility where approximately 50 machines will be producing the parts. Data and information harvested from this initiative will later be used to build better machines. GE will also be investing $10 million dollars in additive manufacturing education by providing equipment to schools for STEM education. For more information on GE’s additive manufacturing initiatives, visit

Do not miss Greg Morris of GE Additive, presenting “Accelerating the Additive Revolution,” in his words. The keynote presentation will take place February 21, 2017 at 8:15 AM as part of the LAM opening session, Trends in Laser Additive Manufacturing. For more information on this year’s sessions and presentations, please visit:

Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM) will take place February 21-22, 2017 in Houston, Texas. For more information, and to register, please visit

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