LIA Corporate Member Profile – RPMC Lasers, Inc.


What year were you founded in?

1996 … but for the first few years, the company was our avocation and we really came to it full time in 2004.

What is your company mission/philosophy?

Offer our customers high quality advice on laser diode products and dpss, lamp-pumped and fiber lasers!

RPMC Microchip Lasers
RPMC Microchip Lasers

What are your company goals?

Continue to build a good reputation for RPMC by giving our prospective customers sound technical advice that saves them money and/or nets them an improved technical solution.

Give a brief history of your company.

Founded in 1996, we initially operated the company at a low level.  ~6 years ago we made the commitment to really grow it.  Since then, we have pushed our sales up more than 20 fold.  We are a laser distributor firm, representing US and foreign manufacturers.  We now sell for some 12 high quality laser firms, so when people knock on our door, we really have a wide berth of products to offer.  Sometimes it is the picosecond industrial laser that makes the most sense, and other times it might be a nanosecond or a millisecond or a fiber laser.  We try hard to know some of the processing details… which lasers is right for the material in question, but we don’t always know those answers, and when we don’t we turn to others who can help with them.

RPMC offers OEM pulsed fiber lasers that deliver up to 30W of average output power through a near diffraction limited beam
RPMC offers OEM pulsed fiber lasers that deliver up to 30W of average output power through a near diffraction limited beam

Today’s products/services line-up includes:

Diode pumped lasers and fiber lasers in the ns, ps and fs regimes and lamp pumped lasers to 500 Joules!  Laser diode products from 620 nm through 2 microns, single mode, slm, and multimode.  Both piece-parts, such as diode arrays or laser drivers, and turnkey systems with fiber delivery.

Forecast/business on the horizon?

2010 might be challenging.  Wish my crystal ball worked.

Any new technologies soon to be available?

One exciting new product is the microchip lasers we offer.  These can be used for some specialty marking and thin film removal tasks, etc., directly but often these are used as the seed in other lasers.  Another exciting front is the industrial ultrafast cold ablation lasers we offer.

How long have you been a LIA Corporate Member?

At RPMC, for more than five years, but before that, at my prior employer, many more years.

What is the importance of being a LIA member specifically to your company?

Great laser safety training.  Super laser processing conferences, such as ICALEO.  Incredible network of experts who make up the body of LIA.   Wonderful library of training and advisory products and publications.

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Steven Glover is a proud member of the LIA staff. When he is not at work he is actively involved in several charitable efforts.
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