Huffman Corporation Introduces HP-245ACC Laser Welding System with fully enclosed Atmospheric Chamber


Huffman Corporation, located in Clover, South Carolina introduces its laser welding system—the model HP-245ACC—with a fully enclosed atmospheric welding chamber. The benefits of laser powder fusion welding are further enhanced with the addition of a fully enclosed atmospheric chamber for welding in an inert gas environment. The system is designed for welding oxygen sensitive or reactive materials like Titanium. The system can be configured with a variety of features like antechambers, inert gas handling and purification systems, oxygen and moisture sensors, and part handling devices to match the end user’s specific needs.

PR - Argon Chamber Laser Cladder HP245ACC_v1Applications include weld restoration on worn surfaces on a variety of turbine engine components like blades, vanes, shrouds, seals and BLISKS or IBRs (Integrally Bladed Rotors). The system is also capable of 3D freeform fabrication—welding successive layers of material to build up complex 3D components.

Huffman’s laser powder fusion systems are designed to meet the increasing demands for flexible, reliable, precision production systems for complex parts like flight and industrial gas turbine blades, vanes, and other components.

ABOUT HUFFMAN CORPORATION “Compelling Productivity. Legendary Reliability.” – Founded in 1961, Huffman Corporation provides manufacturing process technology to the flight and industrial gas turbine, medical, and vehicle markets. The company’s main technologies are high-precision, multi-axis grinding, laser powder fusion welding and abrasive waterjetting. Located in Clover, SC, a suburb of Charlotte, NC, Huffman is an ISO 9001:2000 and CE-approved supplier with global sales and service.

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