High Visibility Machine Tempered-Laminated Glass Laser Safety Windows

Laser Safety Industries (LSI), Minneapolis, MN, expanded their expert glass processing abilities to include heat tempering and laminating of laser safe windows. These technologies make it possible for Laser Safety Industries to offer glass laser safe viewing windows that have better visibility, are more durable with higher ODs then polycarbonate windows and are shatter resistant.

Heat tempering of the glass laser safe windows makes them far more impact resistant then standard glass laser safe viewing windows. By laminating the laser safe window to a clear substrate Laser Safety Industries further increases the safety qualities.  The lamination keeps the laser safe window intact and in place even if the glass laser safe window were to break.  Keeping the laser safety glass in place allows the operator to safely correct the situation.

Laser Safety Industries offers standard sizes, including 100 mm x 200 mm and 6.5” x 6.5”, along with custom sizes down to .001” and offers a tolerance of +/-.0005” if needed.  Standard and most custom windows are permanently engraved with wavelengths and levels of protection to meet the ANSI specifications, custom markings are available and CE ratings are pending.

With the increased visibility, higher ODs and durability glass laser safe windows excel where acrylic windows either don’t have the visibility or protection required or are too easily scratched like in laser enclosures, in combination with laser curtains or in laser machining systems.

“It is great to have a US laser safe company who manufactures tempered and laminated glass laser safe windows, it makes it easy for me to get the sizes I need.”

– Bill Janssen, CLSO.

For further information on available sizes, private labeling, custom marking, CE ratings, wavelengths available or quantity discounts please contact the laser safety experts at Laser Safety Industries.

About Laser Safety Industries

Laser Safety Industries was founded in 2008 by Richard Poppe, a visionary 20 year veteran of the laser safety products industry. They provide high-quality laser protection equipment (glasses, goggles, barrier, windows, signs and labels) for all industries (medical, military, education & research, and industrial) at cost effective prices. The company is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Laser Safety Industries is a US manufacturer that is veteran owned with small business status. For more information about LSI visit www.lasersafetyindustries.com or 1-888-752-7370 (952-405-6947).

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