Coherent Launches First 514 nm All-Solid-State OPSL

Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq: COHR) has expanded their Sapphire™ family of compact CW visible lasers with the first 514 nm (green) offering based on the company’s unique OPSL technology.  With a choice of four different output powers ranging from 20 to 100 milliwatts, these cost-effective Sapphire 514 LP lasers provide a compact (125 mm x 70 mm x 34 mm) and extremely reliable all-solid state alternative to legacy ion technology at this important green wavelength.  All models deliver a diffraction-limited TEM00 (<1.1) output beam, low amplitude noise (< 0.25% rms) and superior pointing stability (< 30 µrad for +/-30C).

For applications currently using ion lasers, the small footprint and high electrical efficiency of Sapphire 514 LP lasers facilitates and simplifies integration into OEM instrumentation with their reduced physical, electrical and thermal demands. These new lasers have a total power budget of less than 60 Watts.  And for applications already using Sapphire LP lasers at other visible wavelengths, adding this new 514 nm excitation capability is simple because these lasers provide identical form, fit and function, including the same interface (analog, RS232, USB).  Plus the field-proven reliability and long lifetime of the Sapphire platform translates into the lowest cost of ownership yet for the 514 nm wavelength.

Applications for Sapphire 514 LP lasers span several areas of life sciences such as flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, DNA sequencing, high-throughput drug discovery and diagnostic imaging.  Other applications include homeland security/biohazard detection, semiconductor inspection and metrology.

Founded in 1966, Coherent, Inc. is a Russell 2000 Index company and a world leader in providing laser-based solutions to the commercial and scientific research markets.  Please direct any questions to Volker Pfeufer, product marketing manager, at +49 451 3000 379.  For more information about Coherent, including product and financial updates, visit our website at

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