Sporty Style Meets Functional Laser Safety Glasses

On March 20, 2010, Laser Safety Industries introduced their new lightweight black sport-wrap frame style number 38 laser safety glasses. They are available in polycarbonate, glass and high visibility dielectric coated laser protective filters. This new laser blocking frame style offers excellent side shield protection without impeding field of view along with contoured arms for comfortable wear. They are ideal for active users or individuals that want more stylish laser protection with lighter weight and more personalized fit. These laser glasses shield your eyes from lasers in style and can be worn by women, men, and young adults. The face hugging contours make for a great fit.

Laser Safety Industries developed this frame style to facilitate consumers demand for an attractive sport-wrap frame that still accommodated most laser applications including medical, industrial  and research. Frame 38 is advanced visual performance and protection combined with today’s latest eyewear fashion. Laser uses are more likely to wear laser safety eye glasses if they like the way they fit and look.

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You can customize and personalize these glasses for no cost. Laser Safety Industries will engrave information on the laser glass as well as the ANSI and CE markings. This personalization is permanent for lasting quality and clarity.

About LSI

Laser Safety Industries was founded in 2008 by Richard Poppe, a visionary 20 year veteran of laser safety protection industry. LSI provides high-quality laser protection equipment (glasses, goggles, barrier, windows, signs and labels) for all industries (medical, military, education & research, and industrial) at cost effective prices. The company is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information about LSI visit or 1-888-752-7370 (952-405-6947).

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