LIA Corporate Member Profile – PL Systems, Inc.

Laser Curtains/Barriers PL Systems has over 30 years of experience and is the industry leader in the design and innovation of laser curtains. We also lead the industry in customer service. Our curtains are installed in Colleges, Universities and research laboratories coast to coast for a wide variety of applications that include laser, infra-red, ultra-violet, measurement, gene separation and silver halide.

PL Systems’ curtains are manufactured with self extinguishing modacrylic fiber (SEF). This is an important safety feature in order to meet state and local fire codes. In laboratory tests our curtains exceeded the safety codes of the City of New York, Boston and the State of California. In addition, our curtains meet the ANSI standards for lasers classified as 3b and 4 with our unique interlock system – Laser Guard Electronic System “LGES.”

Our curtains are manufactured to architectural and customer requirements. They are designed and manufactured for permanent installation in specific locations.

Contact us at for more information on the following:

• Architectural Specifications
• Submittal Drawing Pages
• Single Track & Curtain Systems
• Double Track & Curtain Systems
• Installation Material Track & Curtain Samples
• Track Samples
• Laser Guard (Interlock) for Auto Laser Shut Off for Existing and New Curtain Installations

The Interlock protection system should be considered for all lasers. The American National Standards Institute recommends that Lasers which are classified as 3b and 4 must have interlock systems. PL Systems Laser Guard Electronic System meets these requirements. The LGES when connected to the interlock, which is available on most Laser products, will shut down the Laser once the protected area has been exposed.

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