LIA Corporate Member Profile – Accuratus Ceramic Corporation

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the laser, we’ve chosen to highlight the corporate member that has been with us the longest – Accuratus Ceramic Corporation. A member of LIA since 1985, which is when Milton Chang was LIA president, Accuratus is an industry-leading manufacturer of various vital components for the laser industry.

Located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, company products include, but are not limited to, Accuflect™ diffused light reflectors for pumped solid-state lasers, gas laser waveguides/cavities and many others. To meet the different laser systems performance requirements, all these custom-engineered components are made with suitable technical ceramic materials, i.e. alumina, aluminum nitride, Accuflect™, beryllia, boron nitride, macor, quarts, silicon nitride and other special composites.

About Accuratus

Dr. Jay Comeforo founded Accuratus in 1977. Today, shareholders own the corporation of 25 employees. The first products that began the company were lasers, microwave tubes and electronics.

Today’s markets for Accuratus are within the medical industry, telecommunications, defense electronics and general industrial products, with the company’s largest customers being lasers, microwaves and telecommunications. The company’s mission is to provide customers with profound ceramic material science, sound engineering principles, pragmatic application knowledge and a commitment to bring a customer’s innovation to its fruition. This is done with help from Accuratus’ R&D department.

In The Industry

Accuratus CEO Raymond Tsao said he has seen the largest growth in the last five years in pumped-diode lasers and fiber lasers, but the company also has a rich history in the laser industry’s development.

“Accuratus personnel have participated in the laser industry since the early days of gas laser development. In the ’70s, they were instrumental in the designs and manufacturing of ceramic cavities for capillary and high-power ION lasers, sealed free-space CO2 ceramic waveguide and later, the folded geometries. In the early ’80s, we produced the first generation excimer laser ceramic insulator in collaboration with a leading laser scientist. We also produced various unique heat sinks/insulators that directly led the development of successful spacebased DPSS lasers. In the late ’80s, Accuratus successfully developed Accuflect™ diffused light reflectors that have been widely used for the flash lamp and diode-pumped solid-state lasers,” he said.

“Overall, in the past 30 plus years, Accuratus has witnessed and participated in the vigorous progress of laser technology. At the 50-year milestone of this ever-expanding industry, we are more enthused and committed than ever to assist laser optical professionals in the continuous evolution and development of new technologies and innovative solutions to the world of ever growing laser applications,” Tsao said.

Tsao plans to maintain his membership with LIA as it provides Accuratus with “a timely connection to the current events in a broader laser and related technologies world. Best wishes to the continuous success of LIA!”

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