Introducing the Industry’s First Web-Based Laser Safety Hazard Analysis System: THE EVALUATOR

New from the leaders in laser safety training, Laser Institute of America (LIA), the Evaluator utilizes an innovative delivery system to provide a new and improved user experience for laser safety officers of all skill levels. Our exclusive Web-based Laser Safety Hazard Analysis System is designed to provide enhanced accessibility, easier navigation and more accurate results.

Now with three monthly subscription packages and pricing levels to choose from: Advanced, Intermediate, or Basic, your organization has the flexibility to pay for only the features it needs.

This innovative System provides a reliable way to easily double-check laser safety calculations. It is based on the ANSI Z136.1 American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers and will perform repeated calculations of maximum permissible exposure (MPE), optical density (OD), nominal ocular hazard distance (NOHD), nominal hazard zone (NHZ), and laser hazard classification.

The Evaluator Benefits

  • Change laser settings by easily switching between CW, Single Pulse or repetitively pulsed lasers as well as adjusting the beam profile (circular, elliptical or rectangular)
  • Designed for today’s LSO – save reports*, view graphs* and make suggestions for new features
  • Easy Navigation, Accurate Results! More options to fine tune the accuracy of your calculations
  • Any revisions to the standard during your subscription will be immediately reflected in the system
  • Definitions and references from the current ANSI Z136.1 standard provided for keywords and acronyms
  • Experiment with various laser, eyewear or barrier combinations with enhanced interactive graphic displays
  • Graphically illustrates use of eye protection, shows difference between corneal, retinal, and skin exposure and shows damage when MPE is exceeded.

*Intermediate and Advanced subscription levels only

Why the New Web-Based Evaluator System is Better!

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere from any computer with an Internet connection—use in the field, on the manufacturing floor, when traveling or any time you need to conduct calculations away from your desk
  • Accessible when you’re “on the go” with most mobile devices
  • Compatible across all platforms including Mac, PC and all major operating systems
  • Easy and immediate access because it does not need to be downloaded, installed or configured
  • Updates to the System are made automatically without requiring the user to take any action or interrupt the work day with an installation process
  • Easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription level at any time
  • Calculations are completed on The Evaluator’s server so your computer’s performance will not affect the speed of the calculation results
  • Save Time and Money! IT Administrators do not have to be involved in the purchase, installation or future updates as changes are made to the ANSI Z136.1 standard

Pick the Subscription Level that Works for You & Your Budget
One of the big advantages of the new Evaluator System is that you can choose the subscription level that fits your specific needs—Advanced, Intermediate or Basic. Why pay more for features you may not need? This budget-friendly option is perfect for organizations that may only need the Basic or Intermediate calculation features. »Compare Software Feature List

Plus, you can easily upgrade or downgrade to any subscription level at any time—making it a flexible and scalable solution for dynamic organizations.

Perfect for the professional LSO working in research facilities, government, military, and advanced laboratories, the Advanced subscription level includes all the most comprehensive features available for performing sophisticated laser calculations.
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Our most popular subscription level, the Intermediate package provides the best solution for industrial applications and organizations where laser safety calculations are needed for eye and skin hazards.
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Specially designed for users with minimal experience, the Basic package provides the essential and fundamental laser hazard calculations in an easy and simple format.
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Steven Glover is a proud member of the LIA staff. When he is not at work he is actively involved in several charitable efforts.
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