New Direct Diode System for OLED FRIT Welding, Plastic Welding and Soldering

Coherent Inc. has introduced the HighLight FAP 60/810 System, a fiber delivered, turnkey diode laser system which provides 60 Watts of output power at 810 nm.  The HighLight FAP 60/810 is engineered to deliver exceptional reliability, convenience and superior process uniformity for demanding, high throughput industrial applications such as FRIT welding of OLED displays and other thermal processing tasks.  In particular, the system offers excellent output characteristics, such as high power stability (power variations < ±1%) and a fast, jitter-free risetime (< 50 microsec).  In addition, an optional four-lens imager enables variable magnification and a perfect, top hat irradiance profile at the work surface.

The HighLight FAP 60/810 also utilizes a unique, modular fiber delivery system that minimizes downtime and hence cost of ownership in harsh industrial environments or with semi-skilled labor.  Specifically, the 15 meter delivery fiber is attached to the laser source via standard connectors meaning it can be quickly exchanged if it is damaged.  System value is further enhanced by use of an integrated monitor that immediately shuts down the diode if it detects back-reflected light, minimizing the risk of diode damage.  Plus HighLight FAP 60/810 brings proven reliability and long lifetime; the underlying fiber array package (FAP) technology uses Coherent grown AAA™ semiconductor material, with tens of thousands of FAP units in the field.

A typical thermal processing application for the HighLight FAP 60/810 is FRIT welding of OLED screens for smart phones.  These screens are created as a glass-OLED-glass sandwich in large panels, and the laser is used to fuse the front and rear glass plates together prior to device singulation.  The top hat profile available from the HighLight FAP 60/810 is particularly valuable here because it eliminates the possibility of peripheral material damage.  Other typical applications include soldering and plastic welding.  All these areas will now benefit from the HighLight FAP 60/810’s competitive volume pricing.

Founded in 1966, Coherent, Inc. is a Russell 2000 Index company and a world leader in providing laser-based solutions to the commercial and scientific research markets. Please direct any questions to Wolfgang Juchmann, senior product marketing manager, at 408 764-4963.  For more information about Coherent, including product and financial updates, visit our website at

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