Coherent Launches Compact CUBE Lasers at Three New Wavelengths

Coherent Inc., has expanded its CUBE family of CW, visible diode laser modules with three new wavelengths; 488 nm (50 mW), 685 nm (40 mW), and 730 nm (30 mW).  The compact CUBE laser heads measure only 100 x 40 x 40 mm (3.9″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″) making them ideal for integration into instrumentation used for life sciences, metrology and inspection applications.  Additionally, all three new models are available with CDRH safety accessories enabling standalone operation in laboratory settings.

Because they use direct diode technology, CUBE lasers offer compelling advantages over other solid state, CW, visible laser technologies, and they deliver an order of magnitude improvement in electrical efficiency (and compactness) over legacy ion lasers.  As with other CUBE lasers, these new models deliver true circular output, excellent M2 (≤ 1.2), and low beam divergence (unlike typical competitive modules, which frequently produce elliptical beams).  This high beam quality often lowers the cost and complexity of beam delivery optics, particularly where beam symmetry and/or fine focusing are important, and also enables the full output power to be used without lossy

spatial filtering.  Cost of integration is further lowered by the CUBE’s fast (up to 150 MHz) direct modulation capability, which often eliminates the need for an external modulator.  System integration is simplified by the ability to control any CUBE via both digital and analog interfaces.

The CUBE 488 is a direct replacement for ion lasers and higher cost solid-state lasers in fluorescence-based life science applications.  The new 730 nm wavelength is intended for use in confocal microscopy and flow cytometry applications where it enables efficient excitation of new, long-wavelength fluorophores.  The 685 nm and 730 nm models are ideal for machine vision applications, where their long wavelength minimizes cross-talk with ambient lighting.

Founded in 1966, Coherent, Inc. is a Russell 2000 Index company and a world leader in providing laser-based solutions to the commercial and scientific research markets.  Please direct any questions to Dan Callen, Laser Diode Module Product Manager, at (530) 454-5728. For more information about Coherent, including product and financial updates, visit our Web site at

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