The Laser Institute of America Comes to the DC/Baltimore Metro Area

Are you new to laser applications and looking to gain insight that can’t be gained in a book or technical manual?  Or are you a “laser jock” who can share years of experience using lasers in applications from micro-machining to chemical analysis?  In either case, you’ll want to join the Laser Institute of America’s newly forming DC/Baltimore Metro area chapter. The four annual local meetings will be a unique opportunity to meet and network with end users, manufacturers of lasers and related products, safety officers and researchers. In the DC area, we have special access to government labs, and the agencies that influence the future of laser technology.

The Laser Institute of America (LIA) is the professional society for laser applications and safety. Our mission is to foster lasers, laser applications, and laser safety worldwide. Serving the industrial, medical, research, and government communities for over 40 years, LIA offers technical information, training and networking opportunities to laser users from around the globe.

To further enhance LIA’s mission of fostering lasers, laser applications and laser safety worldwide, it serves as the secretariat and publisher of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z136 series of laser safety standards. These standards constitute the foundation of laser safety programs nationwide.

Sarah Boisvert of Potomac Photonics, Lanham, MD, is our founding chairperson.  As many of you may remember, Sarah is a Fellow and Past-President of the Laser Institute of America.  Sarah is spearheading this exciting initiative. If you’d like more information about joining the local chapter please email Sarah at  While there are no chapter dues, membership in the LIA is required.  If you are not already a member, visit for details on Corporate and Individual options.


About the Author
Steven Glover is a proud member of the LIA staff. When he is not at work he is actively involved in several charitable efforts.
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