Ophir Photonics Group Features Innovative Developments in Power/Energy Measurement and Beam Profiling at Laser World of Photonics

Ophir Photonics Group, the global leader in precision laser measurement equipment, featured first of its kind, new power/energy measurement and beam profiling systems at Laser World of Photonics 2011 in Munich, Hall B2 Stand 257. Among the new products that were introduced is the BeamTrack Series, the industry’s first thermal sensors that combine power and energy measurement, beam position, and beam size in a single, compact device. The company also introduced the Pyro-C Series of compact, pulsed laser power/energy sensors. They provide the lowest measurable energy, longest measurable pulse and highest accuracy among competitive products. Several recently released laser beam profiling systems were demonstrated in the booth, including BeamGage® and NanoModeScan.

BeamGage, the company’s next generation laser beam analysis software, supports 64-bit versions of Windows® Vista and Windows® 7, as well as two innovative camera formats, the 11 mega-pixel, 35mm USB L11058 Large Format Beam Profiling Camera, and low cost, high performance GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) cameras that provide up to 1 Gigabit/s transmission rates in a robust, miniature package (34 x 34 x 69mm). Based on UltraCal™, Ophir-Spiricon’s patented baseline correction algorithm, BeamGage provides high accuracy laser measurements, guaranteeing the data baseline (zero-point reference) is accurate to 1/8th of a digital count on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

The NanoModeScan M2 Laser Beam Propagation Analyzer enables the quantitative measurement and viewing of high power CO2 laser beams. The NanoModeScan M2 combines the flexibility and speed of Photon Inc.’s NanoScan near-field profiler with dedicated M2 measurement hardware and software. The system is easy to setup and align; the straight line of sight design means little or no attenuation is required. NanoModeScan is also fast; an M2 measurement can be made in as little as 20 seconds. In addition, the system reports beam waist diameter and location, divergence, and the beam’s Rayleigh range for each axis.


About Ophir Photonics Group

With over 30 years of experience, the Ophir Photonics Group provides a complete line of instrumentation including power and energy meters, beam profilers, spectrum analyzers, and goniometric radiometers. Dedicated to continuous innovation in laser measurement, the company holds a number of patents, including Ophir-Spiricon’s Ultracal™, the baseline correction algorithm that helped establish the ISO 11146-3 standard for beam measurement accuracy. The recently acquired Photon family of products includes NanoScan scanning-slit technology, which is capable of measuring beam size and position to sub-micron resolution. The company’s modular, customizable solutions serve manufacturing, medical, military, and research industries throughout the world. For more information, visit http://www.ophiropt.com/photonics


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