In-Depth Insights Into the New ANSI Z136.8!

Laser use in the dynamic world of research, development, and testing can present quite the challenge to Laser Safety Officers (LSOs). From the production of non-certified home-built lasers to fiber lasers to ensuring utilization of proper eye wear and alignment techniques, a research and development (R&D) LSO must be able to adapt to each situation that arises!  ANSI Z136.8 introduces new guidance specific to R&D that that will help LSOs meet the unique challenges of their facility. Z136.8 manages to include all the relevant information from Z136.1 in a condensed format that, in conjunction with newly added guidance specific to R&D, acts as an invaluable tool to LSOs at R&D facilities. The standard allows for quick reference to proper guidance on the issues that an R&D LSO faces on a daily basis. It provides the LSO with better professional judgment and support and increases their ability to be an effective safety consultant in the constantly changing world of research and development. The addition of this standard as a reference would be beneficial to any R&D LSO!

Take a look at our PowerPoint presentation for the inside scoop on the new ANZI Z136.8 standard!



ANSI Z136.8 Presentation

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