David Havrilla to Present Principles of High-Power Laser Welding at LME 2014


Orlando, FL (Sept. 17, 2014) – Presenting first in what will be a two-day education track, David Havrilla will lead a tutorial on Principles of High Power Laser Welding on Tuesday, Sept. 23, the first day of the Laser Institute of America’s fourth annual Lasers for Manufacturing Event® (LME®), in Schaumburg, IL.

Havrilla is the manager of products and applications for TRUMPF Inc.’s laser division and brings with him 23 years of industry knowledge and acumen.

TRUMPF is a worldwide conglomerate widely considered to be one of the eminent names in laser design and components,  with Havrilla representing their wealth of experience in manufacturing in his tutorial presentation.

Laser welding has revolutionized the manufacturing and machining world. Allowing metals previously thought impossible to weld to be joined, laser welding has taken the automotive, medical and aerospace component manufacturing industries into new territory. The focused and precise nature of laser welding has led to breakthroughs in design, stability and aesthetics in the markets taking advantage of this technology.

As an expert in the field of laser welding, Havrilla will address the importance of an understanding of the principles and applications of the process, as well as specific details on machinery and technique. Component material selection, weld joint design, fit-up requirements, weld strength considerations and part design for laser joining will all be covered in the tutorial, along with practical examples of the use and implementation of these guidelines in manufacturing.

“How can component designers and manufacturing engineers make the most out of laser welding? This question is the essence of the Design Guidelines for Laser Welding tutorial.” Havrilla states, “Here, the advantages of laser welding are woven together with the essential principles of designing parts, specifically for laser joining, culminating with a variety of examples and videos from industry.”

Attendees of this tutorial will be able to hear first-hand how proper design in laser welding devices and processes will affect not only the industry as a whole, but their individual business as well.

Havrilla’s tutorial is one of two that will be presented at LME 2014, both of which align with the event’s focus of educating and informing companies wishing to know more about laser application and how it can result in value for them and their customers. For more information about LME 2014, visit www.laserevent.org.


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