Discover the Possibilities of Laser Additive Manufacturing & Attend Paul Denney’s LME 2014 Tutorial Presentation



Orlando, FL (Sept. 19, 2014) –Senior laser applications engineer and additive manufacturing (AM) expert Paul Denney will be presenting the second of two educational tutorials on Wednesday, Sept. 24 at the Laser Institute of America’s fourth annual Lasers for Manufacturing Event® (LME®) in Schaumburg, IL.

Denney’s tutorial, Overview of Laser Additive Manufacturing Systems, will be focused on giving attendees a practical guide to the world of LAM, and the systems used for the varying processes and applications.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has taken the design and manufacturing world by storm, introducing cost effective solutions for rapid prototyping, mass customization, and most recently, rapid manufacturing. Industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, even jewelry and toys, use AM to create their components, with some building the entire finished product using AM.

With LAM, new horizons for manufacturing industries are being revealed. Making components from titanium or titanium alloy, with its high strength to weight ratio, has revolutionized the way LAM is setting the bar for the manufacturing world.

Touted by some as the “next industrial revolution” LAM systems are a world with which both manufacturers and consumers will want to orient themselves.

Presenter Paul Denney has considerable experience in the field of laser technology. As the holder of 25 patents with over 32 years of experience in laser materials processing in both the public and private sector, Denney brings a wealth of knowledge to his tutorials and educational courses.

Attendees will look forward to hear what insight Denney has to offer on the different processes of LAM, which equipment is best for accomplishing each process, and the potential applications of each.

This seminar will offer the perfect atmosphere for anyone looking to break into the world of LAM who wishes to learn more about the systems required to make that happen, or for those already involved in LAM who wish to gain knowledge and experience on other available systems.

This tutorial is one of two that will be presented at LME 2014, both of which align with the event’s focus of educating and informing companies wishing to know more about laser application and how it can result in value for them and their customers. For more information about LME, visit


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