Two of a Kind Sale Kicks Off Re-Launch of Electronic ANSI Z136 Standards



ORLANDO, FL, Nov. 18, 2014 — Back by popular demand, Laser Institute of America (LIA) is excited to announce that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z136 series of laser safety standards are once again available in digital format. No longer bound to only a hard copy, customers can now enjoy the flexibility of owning an electronic version of the same Z136 standard necessary for their particular profession. These standards, available for purchase from LIA directly, are essential tools for anyone using lasers in their business operations. The ANSI Z136 standards provide guidance for the safe use of lasers in the medical, telecommunication, manufacturing, and educational fields.

All nine of the Z136 standards are now available electronically including the parent standard Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers. Serving as the cornerstone of all Z136 documents, the Z136.1 contains nationwide guidelines for the establishment of laser safety programs in industrial, military, research and development, and educational applications. The Z136.1 was updated and re-released just this year, and contains several updates including new definitions of key terms, all of which are searchable in the electronic format.

The Z136.1 is often paired with a more specific application-based standard, e.g., the Z136.3 or the Z136.9, Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care and Safe Use of Lasers in Manufacturing Environments, respectively. These standards go into greater detail on the guidelines and best practices that should be followed in their specific industries. Not just for doctors and surgeons, the Z136.3 standard covers laser safety guidelines in diagnostic, cosmetic, preventative and therapeutic applications, i.e., any situation where lasers are being used to alter or relieve bodily function or symptoms. The Z136.9 speaks on the safe practice of lasers and laser systems that operate at wavelengths between 180 nm and 1 mm in manufacturing environments.

To celebrate the re-launch of the digital standards, LIA is having a special “Two of a Kind” sale so customers can see how convenient the electronic copy is. Customers in need of any of the nine standards may buy the printed version and also receive an electronic copy of the same standard at a reduced price. While there is no difference in content between the printed version and the digital copy, owning both formats combines the convenience of an easily accessible, searchable document on a computer with an extra paper copy to keep in the office. This Two of a Kind combo will allow customers easier access to their ANSI Z136 standards, which in turn will provide increased awareness of safety protocols, safer working conditions, and avoidance of potential fines or punishment from OSHA or similar organizations. The Two of a Kind sale won’t last long, so be sure to act now to get your standards. The Two of a Kind combo deal can be purchased here:

For more information and to purchase the new electronic versions of the ANSI Z136 standards, please visit:

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