Prima Power N.A. Inc. – December’s Featured Corporate Member

Prima Power North America Inc. is a member of the Prima Industrie Group, which serves the field as a world leader in the developing, manufacturing, and marketing of laser systems for industrial applications, industrial electronics, and laser sources and sheet metal processing machinery. Today, Prima Industrie Group consists of two divisions: Prima Electro and Prima Power. Prima Power North America, located in Arlington Heights, IL, is responsible for the sales, marketing, and service of Prima Industrie Group’s products. Prima Power N.A. works in conjunction with its Prima family across the globe, from Italy and Finland to China.

The company was founded in Turin, Italy in 1977 and broke into the market with the manufacturing of its first 3D laser system in 1979. This product, which was designed for the trimming of automotive parts, brought Prima Industrie into the forefront of its field, as the company became a world leader in the 3D sector. In 1992, Prima Industrie expanded to the 2D sector with the acquisition of the Swiss company, Laserwork AG. Prima Industrie Group’s continuous production of innovative products and its series of acquisitions over the years have established the company as a major force in the world of laser and sheet metal working machinery.

After acquiring Finn-Power Group – a fellow leader in the sheet metal industry – in 2008, the company expanded its production line to provide customers with not only 2D and 3D laser systems, but also turret punch presses, combination punch/shear and punch laser machines, automated manufacturing cells and systems, press brakes, automated benders, and material handling systems.

Prima Power is constantly growing with the market demands, expanding as recently as March 2015 with the opening of its 10,000 square foot facility in China, which houses a factory, a show room, and offices. This new branch – Prima Power Suzhou – focuses not only on manufacturing, but also on the sale and service of its wide range of products.

Throughout its history of expansions, Prima Industrie Group has remained dedicated to providing customers with products that meet their changing needs. They have continuously fulfilled the market’s demands for productivity and efficiency, while also offering the flexibility – through increased product differentiation and customization – that the market requires. In addition, the company remains sensitive to the important issues of energy consumption and sustainability. Simultaneously, Prima Industrie Group has answered the call for not only systems of high level automation and integration, but also products that maintain a high level of connectivity with the entire factory and the production information flow.

Prima Power N.A. Inc. has been a proud member of LIA since 2001. To learn more, please visit