Dausinger + Giesen GmbH: With new structure toward the future

Dausinger + Giesen GmbH (D+G) is a leading supplier of thin disk lasers as well as technology components needed to build disk lasers. D+G was founded by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Dausinger and Dr. Adolf Giesen. Both names are well connected to disk laser technology.

  • In 1990 Friedrich Dausinger demanded the following laser specifications to be ideal for material processing:
    • 4 kW Laser Power
    • good beam quality
    • 1 µm wavelength
      • fiber delivery
      • better absorption
    • high efficiency
  • Adolf Giesen is known to be the innovator and one of the main promoters of disk laser technology. He is also known for many more exciting new innovations based on this technology.

Based on the background of the founders, D+G focuses on disk laser technology and its applications. Many times D+G has been – and still is – a trendsetter which pushes the limits of technology further. Some milestone examples are:

  • kilowatt fundamental-mode disk laser
  • pump module designed for up to 30 kW pump power
  • fs-disk laser with 40 W average power
  • variable short and ultrashort pulse laser
  • ps-disk laser with > 1 kW laser power and > 1 mJ pulse energy
  • Yb-fs-disk laser with pulse durations < 200 fs

Since the foundation of D+G, Friedrich Dausinger has been the general manager. In 2012 Dr. Steffen Sommer joined Friedrich Dausinger as a general manager of D+G. As Friedrich Dausinger will be celebrating his 70th birthday in 2016, it became necessary to make changes in the D+G management to be fit for the future. It was important  to find a person who understands the technology and has access to the market for further development.

In Johannes Trbola we found someone who fits into this profile. With the start of this year (2016), Johannes Trbola became a new share holder as well as general manager of D+G. He has a well known experience in the development of markets especially with respect to innovative products: This experience includes different components such as laser source, process – as well as beam diagnostics where he successfully accompanied the introduction and development of new brands, products and technologies. D+G is glad to gain his experience for the future development of D+G.

Friedrich Dausinger intents to retire from his management participation at D+G in 2016. He will be happily advising the company in the future with the focus on the strategic development of the disk laser technology and its applications.


Dr Adolf Giesen and Prof Friedrich Dausinger
Dr. Adolf Giesen and Prof. Friedrich Dausinger


Dr Steffen Sommer and Johannes Trbola
Dr. Steffen Sommer and Johannes Trbola